Our Digital Creative Designer, Landon Senn, gave insight on the importance of video marketing and how it can be used to spur engagement with consumers in this Q&A.


Q: What is the biggest benefit of utilizing videography in marketing?


A: Video is visually attractive and easy to consume. It’s just natural as humans to want to expend less energy. Video brings content to life and appeals to that aspect of humanity that instinctively gravitates toward content that requires less effort to absorb. Not only is it easily consumable, but it engages multiple senses by encouraging both visual and audio interaction. It’s a creative doorway that allows for easy access to lots of information.


Q: How do you predict video growth will shape marketing in the next five years?


A: In my opinion, screens are the future. Nowadays, you can’t get far without being confronted with a screen of some sort. I honestly don’t see that trend dying out. As visual technology advances, I predict that the increase of screens will strengthen the demand for video content. More and more clients are going to have opportunities to put videos in a larger variety of locations which will make content increasingly consumable for more people.


Q: What are some best practices with video marketing that you always have in mind?


A: My golden rule when it comes to creating video content is: keep it as short as possible, but as long as necessary. When we create videos at Infinity, a rule we live by is to keep them short and to the point. In addition, starting videos with a question or a bold statement that captures attention is a valuable strategy when attempting to increase engagement.


Q: Can you describe an example of when you have seen video directly affect a sale?


A: There are many times when clients advertise specific promotions using just a video. In these cases, the offer cannot be found anywhere else unless they watch the video. Video is unique because it can afford to be the only medium by which information about a product is transmitted and still have a measurable effect on sales. Because it is a visually powerful platform, it’s easy to see the need for video marketing when it provides such a unique way to interact with specific offers.


Q: What’s an emerging innovation with video marketing?


A: In the past, making changes to offers advertised in videos required marketers to create and upload an entirely new video. Now, changes can be made that can add call outs or buttons without requiring a different upload. This is incredibly useful since advertisements are constantly adjusting.  With this innovation, video marketing can be more creative since making minor changes is easier.


This blog was written by our Public Relations Intern, Emily Lady.