Top 3 Design Trends of 2019

Spring is finally here. That means we can finally forget about the bitter cold of winter and move on to something fresher, brighter, and better. Design trends are a lot like that. Right about the time that we’re fed up with one, something new and exciting takes its place. From design and layout to typography, advertising is always changing, and although 2019 is still young, there are already some noteworthy trends springing up in the world of graphic design.


1. Geometric Shapes


The use of geometric shapes in design isn’t a new concept — not by a long shot — but the rise in popularity of geometric patterns as a sign of modernity in marketing is a fairly new development. Geometric-based design can be useful in advertising because it helps create beautiful, engaging visuals without taking away from the messaging. Do you want a visually stunning piece of collateral, but still want the content to take center stage? Consider using geometric shapes and patterns


2. Bold Serifs


When it comes to typography trends, it can be tough to keep up. Serif, sans serif, hand-written, script — which one will resonate with your modern audience? Each style has its proper place in design, but the reemergence of bold serif typefaces has taken 2019 by storm.

Bold serifs pack a vintage punch while maintaining a clean, respectable look and feel. Your typeface choice can say a lot about you, and a bold serif will let your audience know that you’re in touch with modern design and culture.


3. New Minimalism


It’s tempting to fill every bit of available space on an advertisement or piece of collateral. After all, you’re paying for it, right? While you may think that you’re getting the most bang for your buck by covering the entire page with ink, you may be diluting your message’s strength in the process. At its heart, minimalism is identifying and keeping only the most essential elements and ditching everything else. Many times, this means a simple black and white color scheme, little or no visual design elements, and lots of clean white space. Depending on your industry, minimalism may be an effective way to ensure your message is received without any unnecessary distractions. Minimum design, maximum impact — now that’s what we call a win/win.

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