Tips for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile

In 2018, we hosted our inaugural #InfinityChat on Twitter. In case you missed it, the topic focused on LinkedIn. Since we’re heavily involved in the platform through client trainings, optimizations, and page management, our social team was tapped to be the special guest this time around.

While we could go on for hours about any social channel and its benefits, we’ll spare you from that (for now) and keep it brief. In this post, you’ll see some highlights from the chat, and we’ll give you extra information on each question.

Question #1:Why should I be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly useful business tool every day. It’s not only important for networking for job opportunities, but for looking for sales opportunities, promoting your business, searching for qualified applicants, and learning more about your industry. Keep in mind that “being on LinkedIn” doesn’t mean that you simply have an account — it means that you’re active on it each week.

Question #2: What are the advantages of having an “All-Star” profile?

Maximizing the content on your profile helps with your searchability —how easy it is for people to find you — and it also makes you seem more approachable. If people can learn a lot about you just from looking at your profile, they’re more likely to interact with you.

Activate all the sections within your page and complete as much information as possible for maximum results.

Question #3: Should I go LinkedIn Premium?

If you aren’t sure about using the paid tools, use the one-month free trial and set reminders for yourself to check in on LinkedIn and use the tools as often as possible. Testing out the features will help give you a better idea of how useful it will be for you. If it’s something you’ll use regularly, and if it will help you with your sales goals, consider upgrading.

Question #4: How many connections should I have?

One thing that has been the “death” of some pages on other channels is racking up followers just for the sake of followers — some have even gone as far as paying for page likes.

This often results in them being plagued with bot/fake accounts that don’t engage with their content and don’t result in a genuine business connection.

While we do encourage everyone to make new connections and expand their network, do so in a genuine manner. Send new people a customized message if you haven’t met in person or engage with other people by searching for topics that interest you within the platform.

Question #5: What’s your favorite LinkedIn feature?

There are so many things you can do on your personal profile to make it engaging. We especially like the fact that you can embed videos, slideshows, business documents, or web links within your profile. This gives people who visit your profile reasons to stay longer and learn more about what you do. That way, they may be inclined to read more in your profile or accept your request to connect.

We hope we’ve helped show you how to get the most out of LinkedIn. Our team has seen some amazing things happen for businesses who are looking to grow and invest in this channel, and we hope you’re able to do the same!

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