Tips for Better Targeting with Digital Display

If you’re searching for a solution to better targeting, digital display might hold the answer. After all, one of the biggest challenges in advertising is ensuring the right messages reach the right audiences at the right times.

Digital marketing (and specifically digital display) helps solve this issue by targeting individuals based on their personal characteristics, whether that’s their demographic details, values, or opinions. This helps ensure that the audiences that receive your messages are the ones that want to hear them most — and that means no business should be marketing today without digital targeting.

How Digital Display Works

Have you ever had a digital display banner ad pop up from a website you just left? That’s called retargeting. Basically, when a user lands on a particular page, the website places a cookie on their browser. This ensures that users mostly see promotions from websites where they’ve seemed to show interest.

Some companies, including Infinity Marketing, also provide other sophisticated targeting tools, including cross-device retargeting (which establishes touch points across multiple devices), geofencing, and platforms to overlay audience data.

Industries Where Digital Display Could Grow

Digital display has performed exceptionally well for a wide variety of industries, but the healthcare and financial markets have historically underutilized this strategy. Interestingly enough, this isn’t due to poor returns on company’s investments. If you work in one of these verticals and are questioning the value of this advertising strategy, you might be surprised by the following facts.


Despite lower adoption rates in the healthcare field compared to many other markets, digital marketing has seen an upward trend in recent years. Now may be the perfect time to jump on board. Here are just a few of the reasons that healthcare businesses should consider digital display:

Digital channels are quickly overtaking traditional healthcare channels, leading to an increase in provider-to-customer online marketing, as well as a greater number of online portals for hospital care.

    1. According to recent studies, hospitals that make use of retargeting and remarketing ad campaigns are 70% more likely to experience site visitors converting into customers.
    2. It’s easier than ever before to track results and aggregate data related to sales and services through a website’s statistical analysis software.


Businesses in the financial industry, especially credit unions, are shown to be the least likely to take advantage of digital display marketing. With so many advantages and reasons to integrate this strategy into marketing plans, this could be a huge misstep on the financial industry’s part.

    1. Credit unions have a peak season when their services are required. This means they must be efficient and effective in their marketing strategies, and digital display can offer the consistent results they require.
    2. Financial businesses can use digital display targeting to convert potential customers into real customers while spending less per person. This could result in significant savings across a campaign’s life cycle, and that allows those funds to be reallocated somewhere more profitable.
    3. The digital infrastructure used to support digital display advertising can also be used to observe how people respond to a credit union’s marketing efforts. This provides credit unions with a better understanding of their audience.


Regardless of industry, digital display has proven time and again to be an efficient and effective marketing strategy. By targeting customers with the kinds of messages they’ve already shown interest in, businesses can secure more conversions and drive their business forward. Whether your industry already heavily utilizes digital marketing or it’s just beginning to test the waters, digital display and targeting should be a must-have in your next marketing strategy.

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