While that title might sound a bit drastic, impressions and engagement have been going down significantly over the past year and optimizing your content can make or break whether or not online algorithms will show it to more people. Recent studies show that the drop in engagement could be as much as a 50 percent reduction over the year. These numbers may focus on social media, but that’s where the audience is watching the video content.



Now, I was a bit generous with the 30 seconds. In reality, the first three seconds – the average amount of time it takes for someone to scroll past a post – is what peaks the user’s initial interest. Focus on bright colors and consider including buzz words about your business on the opening screen to make people stop to watch more. After that, the content must be strong and you have to get to the point before they scroll to the next best thing.


Each social channel has a different average for the amount of time that users spend watching a video. The maximum is on YouTube at two minutes and the minimum is Instagram with 30 seconds. Think of it like writing news and don’t bury the lede.