For the third year running, Spotify brings us its wrapped campaign. And, once again, these hilarious out of home boards don’t disappoint. A little history, in case you haven’t heard about this amazing campaign that transforms user-generated data into stories: Since 2016 the internal creative team has been reviewing Spotify’s user data. During this review, they find the most hilarious and sometimes embarrassing facts about our habits, then plaster them across the U.S. and other countries:


2016: Spotify team showcases user habits in a humorous campaign using the tagline “Thanks 2016, it’s been weird.”




2017: With the tagline “2018 Goals,” Spotify continued giving the audience a look into its users’ habits.





2018: The Wrapped campaign started showing up around November 28. Once again, Spotify doesn’t shy away from displaying the best and most revealing of its users’ habits:







The end of the year is also a holiday, and as Spotify has shown, it is a great opportunity to connect with the mass market. But, since so many other businesses are running holiday ads, it’s always a challenge to create something novel and attention grabbing within the holiday theme. Spotify takes a different approach. They’ve created something unique that cuts through the clutter, something that demands attention, and something that feels genuine. Those are the types of campaigns that drive results.


As far as out of home campaigns go, this one gets a 10/10 year after year. I love these campaigns because we can see ourselves in some of these messages. It allows us to laugh at ourselves, and that makes us revisit our actions and makes us feel human.


The take away here is that stories matter. Between the charts and numbers there are often stories that your customers are telling you. Get curios, be more like Spotify, and aim for storytelling that stands out.