The One Star Review Blues

Rage Review Woes

We’ve all been there: You received terrible service. Whether an airline loses your luggage, or a restaurant server gets your order horribly wrong, you may have “rage reviewed” at some point in your life. The internet age allows us to vent our frustrations for the world to see, and websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook give us a platform to shout it from the rooftops.

This is a fantastic tool for customers and businesses alike, but no matter how good you are, you can’t please everyone. As many business owners know, there is always someone out there who can find something wrong even when you do everything right. Sometimes a customer may encounter an incredible business on that business’s worst day ever. These entrepreneurs are often puzzled by their low star rating when the vast majority of their clientele leave with a smile on their face.

When confronted with this problem, our team’s two best recommendations are to respond to all reviews – both positive and negative – due to the evidence that shows an overall increase in star rating when this is done. And ask for reviews directly! While responding to reviews is pretty straightforward, many businesses encounter difficulties in acquiring follow-through from happy customers who promise to leave ratings and reviews.

Enter: Podium.

There are many tools that businesses use to request reviews. You’ll often receive a request via email to leave a rating after making a purchase, or you’ll see signs at your favorite restaurants asking you to leave reviews. Those work, but people sometimes don’t check their email for days or get distracted after those helpful reminders.

After discovering how Podium’s tools could help our clients who were trying to increase their star ratings, we entered a partnership with the growing platform. Many similar tools can be found on the market, but Podium has a few key differentiators that make it stand out.


  1. Text Messages: All of Podium’s communications connect through a customer’s cell phone with text messages. Podium’s team of developers found that this was the best way to get reviews. People keep their cell phones on them at all times and usually check messages daily. By focusing on cell phone communication, Podium’s clients see faster star rating increases. While a business can manage all of these messages through an online portal or phone app, their customers are able to communicate through standard text messages.
  2. Google Partnership: Since we’ve partnered with Podium, they’ve expanded their phone capabilities to include voice, allowing for large-scale campaigns that reach even more customers. Their innovation caught the eye of Google early in the company’s history, and Alphabet Inc. now owns a stake in Podium – effectively giving Podium additional access and insight from top executives at Google.


While the platform itself is innovative and helpful, there are a few capabilities within Podium that get our team particularly excited!

  1. Campaigns: Texted offers to customers and internal human resources communication if there is a large staff can be managed easily with this new tool from Podium. You can leverage the phone numbers from your customer base that you’ve built in the Podium app to communicate quickly. Or you can upload an existing list of customer phone numbers, which can also be helpful when you’re first launching Podium and want to get reviews from some of your existing customers.
  2. Webchat: Among their services, Podium provides a webchat function that, unlike most webchats, is not limited to a conversation window on a website. Podium is able to shift conversations to customers’ cell phones via texting. This allows the conversation to continue after the customer forgets about the chat, loses wifi access, or doesn’t hear from you after 30 seconds. Businesses can add this to their website homepage to answer questions or encourage potential customers to get a quote. The widget is customizable with color, shape, photo, and copy points. Once the customer submits a chat request, it goes to the owner’s online portal on Podium for a response.

How to Proceed

We recognize that Podium comes at a cost, but if you’re able to leverage its tools, it is well worth the investment. Not only have those using the app seen increases in reviews, but also in customer engagement. It is a tool that can truly transform a business’s customer service capabilities all in one place. As a Podium Partner, we’ve supported several clients with managing and launching this tool. If you’re interested in a demo, message us using our webchat on this website’s home page.

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