The date: March 21, 2006. The name: Twitter. The place: The Internet.


This was the moment when the way we communicated began evolving. A place to instantly share updates. With breaking news, live tweeting, the lunch you were eating, and inside access to celebrities and world leaders. Social media went mainstream.


Twitter, like it or not, is engrained into today’s culture. What began as a “micro-blogging site” has now morphed into a household name. Connecting people from all over the world in ways that, to me, I have always found fascinating.


To the Super Bowl tweet heard around the world from Oreo to the most retweeted tweet of all time.


From then on, the advertising world took notice. Twitter could spread brand awareness faster than your typical press release, email newsletter or…print ad. Conversation that is happening in real-time can save you money and countless hours editing a press release, typical ad or email newsletter. Side note: Traditional advertising is not dead. It has shifted.


So, what happened in 2013? Twitter follows suit with Facebook and goes public.


Since then, Twitter has been playing catch up to Facebook in the ad space. However, as Facebook has become a “pay-to-play” space for brands, Twitter still has a small sense of authenticity.  Investing in Twitter advertising now may also pay off in the long run. As Facebook’s algorithm changes by the day, Twitter hasn’t made those changes as swiftly. Therefore, your ads will show up in user’s timelines much faster, and quite possibly at a lower price.


The question is not “Why should I join Twitter?” but it is “Why are you not on Twitter?” With a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips and communication to current clients, prospective clients, other industry professionals and millions of brands, it’s silly to say no.


From my own perspective, the day I joined Twitter I knew my career in traditional public relations was about to change. I morphed into that of a social media practitioner. Here was a place for quicker, more precise and better communication. I’ve been able to communicate directly with journalists and influencers, brands and other social media professionals. I’ve even built some long-lasting friendships from the social media tool and have watched our world change, and I think you will too. Start today and if you have already…keep going.