We’ve all heard the statistics. During the Summer months, kids forget between one to three months of what they’ve learned and teachers spend the beginning of the next school year reteaching previously-learned material. Not only does this learning-loss epidemic place a huge strain on teachers, but students as well.


How do you fight this trend without virtually extinguishing summer vacation? Learning centers like our client, Sylvan Learning, have tackled this challenge with finesse. Many say, “Learning can be fun!” without presenting ways to truly engage and educate students. Sylvan’s summer programs provide solutions that have been proven to alleviate or completely prevent summer learning loss.


Here are a few of the fun programs offered during Sylvan summer camps:


Robotics – Not only do kids flex their STEM muscles, but they get to build and test robots they make out of LEGO bricks! This is a unique learning opportunity that keeps kids coming back for more.

Writing – Modern writing is extremely diverse. This camp enables students to write food reviews and website copy and truly challenges their creative writing thought processes. Teachers don’t just focus on short stories and poems in this program, but incorporate bloggers and short-form writing standards that have only become the norm in the past 20 years.


Coding – While this may sound like an advanced course, it’s a 21st-century skill that children will find invaluable in their future. Not only does Sylvan Learning teach kids how to build a video game, they also help develop problem-solving and logic skills that are extremely useful in brain development.

Reading – This is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The interactive lessons and games ingrain a love of reading at an early age. Teachers present the difficult task of learning how to read in an encouraging and inviting atmosphere which challenges students in a way that excites them to use their skills in the coming school year. Getting a head start on their studies will also alleviate the stress of learning in a classroom filled with 20+ other students.


Programs like these aren’t just to eliminate the “brain drain” of summer. They give children a passion for discovery and learning not always found in the classroom. That’s why Sylvan’s marketing strategy and programs have been such a success – they show how thrilled their students are to learn new material instead of just showing test scores. Leveraging the fun factor of education to draw in new students and instill a feeling of excitement with the brand have been key in turning this program into a well-known household name.