The Best (and Worst) Holiday Ads Review

Holiday Ads Can be Cheery and Cringey 

While some holiday spots take us to a place of memories and emotion, some just don’t hit the mark. 

Thomas Broadus, Senior Director of Content Strategy, Tony Abbott, Creative Supervisor, Josh Tankersley, Creative Strategist, Nicole Day, Social Media Lead, and Madison Warner, Social Media Specialist spend some time talking about their favorite (and least favorite) holiday ads. 


First, Nicole shares a commercial that gets her in the feels from Chick-fil-a. 

The Time Shop by Chick-fil-a 


Next, Madison walks us through an ad from Amazon that makes her a little misty this time of year. 

Amazon 2022 Holiday Ad 


Then, Tony talks about some holiday ads that make him smile both in print and onscreen. 

A Harvey Nichols Christmas – Sorry, I Spent it on Myself 


Josh walks us through one of his favorite unique ads from Aldi. 

A Christmas Carrot by Aldi 


Now that the team has discussed the ads that really get them in the holiday spirit, it’s time to shift to some commercials that don’t feel very merry. Tony starts by sharing his thoughts on how being forgettable is the worst way to advertise this season. 


Next, Josh discusses how there could be such a thing as too much emotion in a holiday ad. 

Unexpected Guest by John Lewis 


Madison then shares an ad from McDonald’s that haunts her dreams. 

McDonald’s 80s Ice Skating Commercial 


Finally, Nicole talks about holiday ads where big-ticket items, like cars and puppies, are gifted carefree. 

December to Remember by Lexus 

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