If over 300 million people are doing something, it can’t possibly be wrong…can it? That’s what Instagram has going for it – a whopping number of users that outranks both Pinterest and Twitter, and is quickly gaining on the current giant – Facebook.


Instagram’s popularity has probably risen because it’s the platform that lets you tell a story visually, without much restriction. It doesn’t have a complicated formula like Facebook – follow friends, and you’ll see their photos according to the most recent time something was posted. And, it doesn’t have an almost impossible-to-fit character limit (cough*Twitter*cough). Ultimately, Instagram gives users the ability to create something visually exciting that is personalized to exactly their tastes.


Of course, Instagrammers photograph what they love, who they love, and what they love to do. From our point of view, we love Greenville. And once you visit here, you’ll probably agree. From the tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the center of our internationally recognized downtown, we truly do have an endless supply of beautiful locations to perfectly capture and share on Instagram.


Here, we lay out what we think are the 10 most Instagram-worthy spots in Greenville.


Article and Photos by Max DiNatale (@maxdinatale)


1. The Liberty Bridge

The now-famous suspension bridge, located in Falls Park, is hands down the most iconic spot in Greenville, and is probably also the most photographed. Sitting above the Reedy River Falls, this 345-feet long bridge, supported by one cable, is the most common spot for family and engagement photos, walks with friends, and the like. And there’s no doubt why – there is nothing like it in the United States! It’s certainly that “I have to take you there” spot in Greenville.


liberty bridge greenville


2. Pretty Place

The Fred W. Symmes Chapel in Cleveland, much more commonly known as “Pretty Place,” may quite possibly be the most beautiful spot in the county. The small chapel with the unmistakable cross overlooks the scenic and often sunrise-filled Blue Ridge Mountains and is typically described with one word: breathtaking.


pretty place greenville


3. Fluor Field

Bright green grass, a colorful mascot, giant ice cream cones, cheering fans, and what’s usually a picture-perfect sunset across from the baseball field, all make Fluor Field on the West End of Greenville a local favorite spot for photos. If you’re not snapping a selfie with your friends while watching the game, you’re likely photographing the fireworks display afterward.


flour field greenville sc


4. Tandem

Tandem’s color palette screams Instagram. The whites, blues, and yellows mixed with the already clean and airy feel of the Travelers Rest café give it an instantly trendy vibe that doesn’t even need a filter. Add to that the decorative bikes and the literally beautiful crepes, and you have a solid top 10 pick with Tandem.


tandem greenville


5. Furman Bell Tower

One of the most well-known buildings in Greenville is also home to one of the most aesthetically pleasing natural beauties in town. At Furman University, a calming blue lake surrounds a giant bell tower at the campus’s University Center. You can walk part of the way up the spiral steps, but the real view is taken from a distance.


Furman Bell Tower


6. The “Root Tree”

The Medusa tree, or “that tree with all the roots,” in downtown Greenville is a favorite for not only professional photographers, but also just about any passerby on the Swamp Rabbit Trail with his or her phone. The American beech tree is said to be about 70 years old and has received nationwide attention for its unique beauty.


Greenville Root Tree


7. Pepsi Mural

The Pepsi mural painted onto the side of a building off Poinsett Highway in Greenville is a bright spot in an otherwise unassuming location. Despite the many Coca Cola murals within Greenville’s downtown, the Pepsi painting somehow takes the cake. Its message of “You’ve got a life to Live” speaks to that little boost of energy we all may need to brighten our day. And the location itself certainly serves as a popular spot to get that perfect photo background.


Pepsi Mural Greenville


8. Methodical

Slightly hidden in a fairly bustling area of downtown Greenville, Methodical is the type of place that practically begs you to take photos of their drinks. It’s that combination of beautiful latte art poured into antique cups, succulent plants sitting on the tables and classic paintings hanging on the walls – and what makes a better Instagram photo these days than a shot of a super sophisticated looking drink?


Methodical Greenville


9. Westin Poinsett Sign

A favorite for wedding photo shoots, the Westin Poinsett (commonly known as just the “Poinsett Hotel”) has the perfect architecture and old-timey feel needed to make a classy Instagram post. When the hotel’s sign lights up at night, it stands above the rest of the city as a picture of Greenville at its finest. You have to be one of the lucky ones to grab a shot of it!


westin poinsett


10. Taylors Mill

If ever there was a hidden gem in the greater Greenville area, it’s the Taylors Mill. Type “Due South Coffee” into your phone’s GPS, and once you start driving through Taylors, you’ll think you have made a wrong turn somewhere. It seems impossible that someplace this cool could be so deeply hidden in a community. Nevertheless, it is, and if you happen to find the Taylors Mill area, you’ll find not only one of the coolest coffee shops in town, but also photography, art, and makeup studios – not to mention some of the most beautifully lit buildings with more windows than you can imagine.


Taylors Mill SC