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Fri 2.22.19

Infinity In Focus: Winter 2019

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Thu 2.7.19

Infinity Marketing Welcomes Three Interns

Infinity Marketing, Greenville’s award-winning marketing agency, is delighted to welcome Doreen McKenzie, Austin McQuaid, and Ashley Melino to the team as interns for the upcoming [...]

Tue 9.18.18

Infinity Marketing Gladly Receives Two Fall Interns

Infinity Marketing is excited to welcome interns Justin Matthews and Abigail Thomas to the team for the upcoming fall semester.   Justin attends Bob Jones [...]

Mon 9.17.18

Can You Have Too Many Influencers Attached to Your Brand?

What is an Influencer?   An influencer is someone who can be hired to use their digital platform to promote a business.   Why would [...]

Wed 9.5.18

The Ins and Outs of Internships

Are you thinking about an internship and looking for tips to prepare for searching, applying, and interviewing? Then look no further. Here are answers to [...]

Thu 8.2.18

The Many Elements of Graphic Design

Simply put, graphic design is combining different elements of text and imagery to make a product. However, that only scratches the surface; there is a [...]

Tue 7.24.18

Infinity Marketing Welcomes Two Interns as Employees

Infinity Marketing warmly welcomes two previous interns as full-time employees. Sara Tompkins will be joining the team as Digital Designer and Aimee Foster as Media [...]

Mon 4.9.18

Video Growth: A Q&A with Landon Senn

Our Digital Creative Designer, Landon Senn, gave insight on the importance of video marketing and how it can be used to spur engagement with consumers [...]

Tue 3.13.18

Four Ways to Have a Productive and Fun Spring Break

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year is right around the corner… #SpringBreak2k18. For most college students, spring break is a time for [...]

Thu 1.18.18

Senioritis: A Supposed Affliction

With one semester left, my time at college is ending and the “real” world is approaching fast. There’s nothing quite like the season after graduation [...]