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Tue 12.11.18

Infinity In Focus: Holiday 2018

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Tue 2.6.18

Behavior-Based Marketing

Behavior-based marketing is one of the most valuable approaches that marketers can take to connect with their target audiences, specifically within email marketing.   So, [...]

Thu 12.14.17

Infinity In Focus: Holiday 2017

Read the latest Infinity In Focus here!     This edition covers holiday marketing tactics, emotional advertising and a special letter from our President and CEO, [...]

Wed 10.25.17

Infinity In Focus: Fall 2017

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Fri 10.13.17

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks with Bryan Huber

With the recent flurry of announcements teasing new smartphones that are hitting the market, it may seem as though the modern consumer can barely keep [...]

Wed 12.28.16

Avoid Getting Marked as Spam

Thanks to Litmus and Fluent for providing a solution that optimizes a company's emails to better serve consumers! Their research on millennials and middle and upper-class households shows the top reasons consumers unsubscribe and [...]

Wed 9.21.16

Outlook and Litmus Partnership

In August 2016, Litmus announced a partnership with Outlook to improve image rendering in its email. The average email user may not understand the significance [...]

Thu 5.5.16

The Return of the E-newsletter

I never thought I’d say this post-1999, but here goes: E-newsletters are having a moment.   My general understanding of the trends of Internet marketing [...]

Tue 4.26.16

One Simple Way to Sabotage Your Next Email Blast

There’s an old rule of thumb in direct mail that says that the success of any direct mail effort will be determined 50% by the [...]

Wed 6.10.15

Eight Steps to Creating Effective Email Call to Actions

Every marketing email has to have a call to action. With every email, you should leave your recipients with a clear understanding of the message [...]