The Greenville Swamp Rabbits have come a long way since their rebranding back in 2015. As they begin their third season, the expectations are high and they haven’t disappointed us yet. The 2016-2017 season was one of success with the team securing a spot in the South Division for the playoffs. Through all of this excitement, Infinity Marketing has enjoyed supporting the Swamp Rabbits in a variety of media placements, such as TV, paid search, OOH displays, radio, and much more.




The city of Greenville has experienced significant growth in population, which has resulted in a need for more outreach for local events. Hockey games are not necessarily what comes to mind as a Southern attraction, but the Swamp Rabbits are making a new tradition. To prepare for the opening weekend, the team hosted a kickoff party like no other – complete with music, concessions, and a corn-hole tournament. Though the team lost their first two games of the 2017-2018 season, fans are still thrilled for the hockey season to start.




Infinity’s partnership with the Swamp Rabbits started with creative production support and has evolved into an integrated partnership. Out-of-home posters for general branding and short-term messaging to promote individual games helped jump-start the team’s image and get their new name out there. Though it focuses on marketing to families, Infinity helped place the Swamp Rabbits’ content that appeals to a wide audience.


This season, digital will be utilized to promote every game. Digital billboards will be catered to specific game themes and the promotion of these themes to the public. Away games will have general branding of the Swamp Rabbits advertised. This strategy in advertising will catch the attention of those who view OOH and will give the team the opportunity to spread the word about what they have to offer in the upcoming weeks of the season.


Our collaborative partnership across these platforms has formed a relationship that to further support Greenville’s home hockey team to grow their brand in all aspects. From start to finish, Infinity has thoroughly enjoyed watching this team gain momentum in the sport as well as establish a new connection with the growing community and we are excited for future endeavors with this team.