Solving challenges to unlock business growth

Challenges and obstacles are common for businesses that are growing. Our clients depend on us to partner with them to solve those challenges. Our strategy framework is created to bring focused attention with a flexible approach, so that we can handle the uniqueness of your situation while relying on a proven approach. Our cross-functional team brings a discovery-oriented and data-driven approach that delivers measurable results.

Strategy Pathways

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We meet brands where they are. So, whether you’re an established company seeking a brand refresh, or you need a completely new creative approach to your marketing, we’re ready to partner with you to develop a strategy that amplifies your uniqueness in the marketplace to strengthen your competitive advantage.


Brand Creation/Refresh


Brand Book


Full-Funnel Content Plan


The business landscape is constantly changing, and what may be effective today may not work tomorrow. That's why our team provides strategic performance services, including media planning, eCommerce optimization, and AI-powered productivity enhancements. We evaluate your marketing plan to identify its strengths and weaknesses and develop solutions to help you succeed in the ever-changing marketplace.


Media Strategic Plan


eCommerce Optimization


Utilizing AI for Productivity


Data is vital to every business. As are the technologies, applications, and analytics that help companies use the data to make effective business decisions. Keeping up with the latest technology and tools is critical to staying relevant in a fast-paced and competitive world. So, whether your company needs business intelligence & analytics; a new CRM; improved marketing automation; or evaluation of your technology options, our team can help. Our experienced technology professionals can partner with you to unlock new insights.


CRM & Marketing Automation


Data Strategy


Technology Assessment


Crafting a Culture Where Strengths Shine. At Infinity Marketing, we believe in the power of partnership to transform organizations. Our People Strategy service is designed to highlight and harness the individual strengths within your team. From scouting exceptional talent to nurturing your existing stars, our CliftonStrengths® approach is tailored to celebrate diversity and drive innovation. Backed by our SHRM-SCP and Gallup Global Strengths Coaching certifications, we bring a depth of knowledge and a track record of success to help you create a vibrant, high-performing team culture. Let's collaborate to make your team the best it can be.


CliftonStrengths® Coaching and Development


Employer Branding and Recruitment Strategy


Mission, Vision, and Values Creation

Our Process

Our strategy process begins with choosing the pathway that best aligns with the specific needs of your business. We identify your unique challenges through collaborative ideation and extensive research and create customized solutions that best fit your needs. By utilizing data-driven strategies and our team's cross-disciplinary expertise, we focus on delivering tangible and actionable results tailored specifically to empower your business to grow.

Strategic Workshop

We lead an immersive discovery session with key members of your team and our team, focused on understanding your goals and challenges in a deeper way. We seek to identify & understand the core challenge before moving to ideate and solve. We expect to leave this meeting with new-found clarity and curiosity to move into the next phase.

Research & Assessment

We take a data-driven approach to assessing your current situation and market opportunity to achieve your desired outcome.

Strategy Presentation

We present actionable recommendations and a roadmap to bring clarity and confidence to make progress toward your goals.

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