Harris Flooring America provides residents of Anderson and Greenwood, SC with valuable and affordable flooring services while always keeping customer buying experience top of mind. The company wanted to increase overall brand awareness, inspire consideration of their products and services, and engage their social media audience at a high level.


Infinity developed a budget-friendly social media sweepstakes recommendation to meet the client’s goals of increased brand awareness and consideration for future consumer purchasing. The sweepstakes was hosted on Facebook during a 4-week window in October, with promotional content shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Two teaser posts were published prior to the 4-week window, increasing excitement around the sweepstakes launch date. Facebook boost posting was utilized on content targeted to users age 25-64 within geographic proximity to Harris Flooring America’s store locations.

The sweepstakes, named “Fix my Frightful Flooring” to align with a Halloween timeframe, encouraged users to upload “frightful” images of their current flooring to a pinned Facebook post on the Harris Flooring America Facebook page. The sweepstakes entry process proved easy for users, was cost-effective for the client, and didn’t require use of any 3rd-party contest platform. A minimal boost post budget of $200 was used throughout the 4-week window, with post boosts ranging from $15 to $30. Halloween-themed content engaged the social audience at high level.



All client social channels experienced significant increases in audience growth and engagement, as well as content reach during the 4-week sweepstakes window. As the host channel for the promotion, Facebook experienced the most engagement on sweepstakes-related content, however, total engagements across all social channels netted out at more than 1,000. A total of 32 total entries were received, with 23 of those being eligible entries per the sweepstakes official rules. Additionally, as a result of increased brand awareness, positive customer reviews to the Harris Flooring America Facebook page saw an uptick after the sweepstakes window closed.

This particular sweepstakes showcases how maximum results can be achieved with a minimal budget through social media.

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