Tindall Corporation, a precast concrete manufacturer headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, wanted to build awareness of their internship and co-op program with engineering students. Current interns and co-ops always had positive experiences working with the Tindall team. They often enjoyed the program so much that they returned for multiple semesters or chose to work for Tindall after graduating. The only problem was that students didn’t recognize the opportunity for engineers within this type of organization. Tindall trusted Infinity Marketing to help change that perception.


Infinity’s solution involved an integrated approach driven primarily through social media. Promotional banners and brochures were designed and distributed to recruiters. Infinity also produced a video showcasing Tindall’s corporate culture. Social media efforts focused on both generating awareness of the intern/co-op experience and announcing Tindall’s attendance at on-campus career fairs. Following the recruitment events, email creative was sent to the prospective students who showed interest in the program.

Though the campaign included all of Tindall’s active social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram), it was heavily focused on Twitter. Because there were many events at different colleges spread across several states, Infinity developed a plan which included pre-event promotional announcements and live-tweeting combined with the use of strategic hashtags unique to each event.

Before the fall recruitment season began, Infinity worked closely with Tindall to develop a job fair schedule to promote attendance in advance. Each fair also received a pre-event tweet in the days leading up to the fair targeting engineering students. Infinity then provided Tindall’s recruiting team with copy examples, Twitter handles and hashtags specific to each school so they could effectively live-tweet photos and videos during each fair.


The increased activity from the live-tweeting boosted Tindall’s overall Twitter engagement for the month of September, when the majority of the fairs took place.

Since Fall 2016 when this campaign began, Tindall’s Twitter Page Likes have more than doubled with the majority of page growth occurring during college recruitment season.

An unexpected positive result of this campaign was an increased level of social engagement with the recruiters themselves. Previously, these individuals would “Like” and “Retweet” Tindall’s content, but after Infinity’s training on live-tweeting, they began mentioning Tindall’s Twitter account from their personal accounts when at team events, providing additional content-sharing and engagement opportunities for the main @TindallPrecast account. Professors and other university staff also began engaging with Tindall’s Twitter.

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