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Should My Company be Creating More Video?


Hey everybody so I’m actually sitting outside the Infinity patio with Taylor Boyd our creative supervisor and we were talking about the importance of video for brands and why you need to be using more video, so we wanted to share that conversation with you.

Anytime a brand wants to get their message out if you can use multiple senses like reading and vision and movement and hearing you’ll get more attention from the viewer. You’re also going to get retention, and they’re much more likely to remember your brand and the message you’re trying to sell them.

The other thing you’ll be able to do is reuse that video in a lot of ways so you don’t have to think of it like a big production. A simple video with you having a conversation recorded with an iphone or any phone that can record video these days will be great for video content.

You definitely should be using more of video content and using it across your social and your blog or website. You can even transcript it out so that the video creates your text content.

With today’s tools there’s no excuse not to be using more video to tell your brand story. The number one social platform isn’t a blog platform it’s TikTok.

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