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Should I Use a Content Calendar for my Social Media?

Are Content Calendars Useful for Social Media Planning?


Absolutely you should be using a content calendar!

These calendars are going to do a couple of things for you. They are going to keep you on schedule so that you know when your content needs to be published, and it’s going to keep you active while filling that calendar up with your creative content ideas.

You’ll have some social content spaces saved for spontaneous posts. Your social should be topical and relevant, but you’ll also need to have a very strict schedule of:

  • How often you’re going to post
  • When you’re going to post
  • What content you’re going to post

There’s a myriad of tools to help maintain a content calendar:

For us, HeyOrca works great with our clients and internal team members. Both parties can have access and give feedback on posts before they go live. We can also automate and schedule posts to push out across most social networks. Want to try it for free? Here’s the HeyOrca Free Trial Link.

Final answer: Yes! You should be using a content calendar AND be sure to keep it full for your creative content to get positive social media results for your brand.


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