Basic SEO to optimize your website


Business owners and decision makers spend a great deal of time creating strategies for reaching new customers and growing their businesses. They can implement paid online ads through Google, remarketing tactics to attract repeat site visitors, or they can promote new products and services on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.


A tactic that gets over looked but should always be the first step in drafting or upgrading your digital marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).



What is SEO?


SEO is the method used to make your website more visible in search engines. At its basic level, SEO describes the techniques used to ensure your website is the answer to someone’s online search.


What are the main components of SEO?


SEO is split into two main components – technical and content. Each component is vital to your site’s success. When your site isn’t ranking well, it’s generally because the site wasn’t built utilizing the fundamental SEO tools for each component.


What are the basics to technical SEO?


Technical SEO is the toolkit used on the backend of the site to improve your sites searchability. Technical SEO’s focus is to make the site attractive to search engines by adding in code and instructions to tell search engines exactly what a web page contains and how the page answers a user’s search query. The basics consist of metadata, a sitemap, and code schema.


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The Top 3 Things to Consider When Reviewing Technical SEO


  1. Draft and Add Metadata to Every Page on the Site. Metadata is used to add descriptions to page titles, page descriptions, page headers and on-page images to ensure a search engine is showing the exact description you would like your online users to view. Adding descriptions to image alt tags is often over looked but can often put your site on the first page of a Google Image Search.
  2. Create and Deploy a Sitemap. Sitemaps are designed to tell a search engine about all the pages on your website. This will aid in indexing your site and can be used to identify priority pages on your site you would like the search engines to recognize.
  3. Add Schema Markups to Your Site. Schema is a coding format that can be used to help improve how your web page appears in a SERP (search engine results page) by enabling something called a rich snippet.


Search Engine Journal published a great article about schema and rich snippets. Below is a view of how a rich snippet can be implemented to take up more space as a first result in a SERP listing.


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The Top 3 Things to Consider When Reviewing Content SEO.


  1. Consider User Experience First. Every page on your site should be designed to answer a user’s search query. Developing content for SEO has grown past the days of keyword stuffing or trying to trick a page into thinking the content is important through methods that may get your site banned from any Google search results. Quality SEO writing is the key to the site’s relevancy to your prospective audience.
  2. Update Content Regularly. Updating your content allows for more search opportunities by increasing the number of pages on your site. Updating the existing pages on your site can also provide a boost by showing the search engines you are consistently providing relevant updates to your audience. Adding a blog to your site is the most common tactic used to increase your content but don’t overlook updating your site with new employees, new business partnerships, or any other information you maybe able to regularly update.
  3. Avoid the Wall of Text. Adding in visuals, break points and lists through out your site pages can quickly improve the user experience in your content SEO. Visuals will break up the dreaded “Wall of Text” and make your page’s information much easier to consume. Users don’t spend a great deal of time on your site unless your content is valuable to them. Condensing your content into a single text only page is going to lead to a high bounce rate and a poor average for your time on site analytics.


SEO is going to be your best tool in the battle for organic site traffic. It’s easy to overlook and it can be complicated to understand. SEO is the framework supporting every marketing and advertising tactic you will use. Is your site performing at a high level or are you struggling to find new visitors?


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