Fatz Southern Kitchen has 43 restaurant locations located throughout the Southeast United States. To help drive local customers into each restaurant, Fatz launched paid search and SEO (search engine optimization) initiatives.


Infinity Marketing developed a strategic paid search campaign that focused on geo-targeting a radius around each restaurant to ensure locals were the only ones to see paid search ads. Simultaneously, two SEO efforts were devised with one focusing on delivering a cohesive branding image across all 45 Google+ My Business location pages for each restaurant, while another focused on enhancing SEO attributes on a selected website page.


The SEM campaign has driven 10,000+ highly targeted potential customers to various Fatz website landing pages within six months. The enhanced Google+ My Business Pages have proven to be an effective way to demonstrate the Fatz brand through the use of powerful imagery while being a public channel for showcasing customer reviews. These two marketing approaches have led to direct sales, most easily seen through the words of customers.

This customer testimonial demonstrates the power of an integrated SEM and SEO marketing strategy.

  • The reviewer searched for “restaurants nearby,” a specifically targeted term in the SEM campaign, and was served a Fatz Southern Kitchen ad.
  • The newly updated and local Google+ My Business Page was there with customer reviews and images of current menu items.

The selected Fatz website page helped increase their visibility to potential customers who may not have been aware of the Fatz brand but were searching for restaurants near them. Extensive keyword research provided the target market keywords, while on-page SEO recommendations were implemented that used images to better position the selected Fatz page in the major search engines.

Monitoring keyword ranks over a five-month period revealed strong keyword rank increases. There are multiple examples on the keyword level of significant increases in rankings stemming from these optimizations. The long-term nature of implementing on-page SEO indicates that further rank increases should continue.

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