As technology continues to evolve and permeate more facets of our daily lives, the media landscape is experiencing more fragmentation than ever.  With so many new and innovative ways to consume media, many believe that some of the more traditional forms, like radio, are a thing of the past.  While this may be the case eventually, radio continues to reach more people daily than just about any other form of media, which is why we continue to believe it can (and does) make a substantial impact for our clients.


One of the most effective ways we have found to harness the reach radio offers is utilizing the power of local on-air personalities through our signature DJ Endorsement Program.  Local on-air personalities are uniquely positioned as trusted voices in their community to provide testimonials for the products and services our clients offer.


Ross McIlwain, Client Services Coordinator at Infinity works directly with this team and gives some insight on the impact of this program. Ross has worked with the Endorsements and Live Read program for over six years and has assisted the media department on accounts in a variety of industries. His experience with this program has given him the ability to shed some light on how it all works.


Infinity partners with local radio stations and the personalities that are familiar to listeners in the area to begin this relationship. The personalities partake in testimonials for our clients after they have used their services and in turn, perform live reads for these products. Before the DJs go live with these recordings, we provide them with a few talking points to use. Our DJs can also simply speak to our clients’ products, which means that they may not have used the product themselves, but they are educated on it.


Ross explained just how powerful these endorsements can be for our clients and the influence they can make on their business.


“Many people who listen to specific radio programs develop a sort of ‘relationship’ with the DJs they listen to, and when the DJs talk about our clients’ products and services that message carries more weight with the listener than a traditional radio ad,” says Ross. “The credibility these DJs own is something that matters within the community, and it is a tool that should be used.”


Infinity has had many successful DJ Endorsements from over 1,000 DJs at over 700 general market and Hispanic stations nationwide. One example is an upbeat Clayton Homes endorsement that went live on WDOD-FM in Dalton and East Ridge, Tennessee.


*This is a 2017 Live Radio DJ Endorsement for our client, Clayton Homes. The promotions mentioned are time-sensitive and regional, so they may not apply to your area.


“Despite all of the fragmentation in today’s media climate, radio continues to reach millions of consumers on a daily basis.  People value local radio because it provides them with a unique insight into their community that is not available from other sources,” says Ross. With all of this in mind, it is safe to say that this cornerstone program at Infinity will continue to create a huge impact for our clients and continue to evolve along with the media landscape.