• ADDY Award Winner
  • W3 Award Winner


Infinity developed and launched a new website for Fatz Southern Kitchen in November 2016 to create a more engaging online brand experience. To accommodate Fatz’s need to refresh menu items and feature limited-time promotional offers frequently, a user-friendly CMS platform was utilized to ensure simple back-end updates. Specific enhancements included emphasizing food visuals to enhance appetite appeal, incorporating a restaurant geo-locator, modifying message hierarchy to prioritize new offerings, elevating the brand’s social presence, and providing clear, quick navigation. Proper SEO architecture and best practices were applied throughout the development and creation process to optimize site structure and content.

Mobile Centric Design

This site was built with the mobile user in mind, as 60% of the company’s site traffic comes from mobile devices. This mobile-centric strategy resulted in a fully responsive site designed for swipe/tap interactions that would transition fluidly between devices and be compatible across browsers.

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