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A marketing firm is only as good as its people — and ours come in every day ready to crush it. We’re a team of experts that consistently tackles our clients’ most complex challenges — and isn’t that what it’s all about? Come meet the people that make it happen.



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Abby Marasigan
Graphic Design Lead
Aimee Foster
Data Strategy Analyst
Ally Van Slyke
Influence Coordinator
Andrea Hardyman
Media Billing Lead
Andrew Roberts
Senior Graphic Designer
Annaka Schumars
Media Coordinator
Asha Johnson
Data Coordinator
Ashley Kendall
Client Services Supervisor
Austin Vanderlyn
Data Analyst
Bo Rogers
Brad Northington
Vice President of Business Intelligence
Brandon Godwin
Vice President of Strategy
Brooke Ruhoff
Graphic Designer
Bryant Buffington
Media Buyer
Bryant Sturgill
Media Coordinator
Camryn Hipp
Media Buyer
Caroline Sievers
Media Manager
Cassie Thompson
Senior Director of People and Culture
Charmaine Fuller
Accounting Coordinator
Chase Martin
Lead Front-End Developer
Chris Monroe
Lead Copywriter
Darian Steele
Media Manager
David Hantz
Client Services Manager
Elaine Hartigan
Accounting Manager
Elizabeth Collins
Senior Media Buyer
Emma Maynard
Media Buyer
Eric Potts
Web Solutions Manager
Erica Gregory
SEO Manager
Ericka Jackson
Senior Media Buyer
Gina ODonnell
Social Team Manager
Grace Myers
Social Media Coordinator
Haley Rauch
Senior Web Lead
Heath Parish
Media Buyer
Hilary Powell
Media Supervisor
Jared Smiling
SEO Specialist
Jeanne Morrison
Director of Digital Strategy
Jesse Kurkis
Media Coordinator
Jessica Griffin
Senior Media Auditor
John Fuhler
Vice President of Business Services
Josh Byram
Growth Lead
Joshua Tankersley
Content Manager
Kari Lynch
Senior Director of Agency Delivery
Kathryn Coleman
Analytics Coordinator
Katie Lasitter
Editing Lead
Kayla Thapvongsa
SEO Coordinator
Kendall Nicholson
Client Services Lead
Kristen Smith
Media Coordinator
Landon Senn
Video Production Strategist
Leslie Westlake
Lead Copywriter
Lindsey Hulon
Senior Creative Team Manager
Madi Nalley
Graphic Design Lead
Madison Cockfield
Senior Social Media Lead
Madison Creech
Media Buyer
Mallory Farmer
Media Buyer
Matt Slump
Growth Specialist
Megan Reavey
Media Coordinator
Meghan McMenamy
Project Lead
Micah Inafuku
Senior Data Analyst
Mike Williams
Media Auditor
Miranda White
Marketing Specialist
Pricilla Ramirez
Media Coordinator
Ross McIlwain
Client Services Manager
Ryan Boger
Media Specialist
Ryan Priessman
Senior Copywriter
Sallie Hammett
Project Supervisor
Sara Tompkins
Art Manager
Sarah Johnson
Project Supervisor
Shannon Nissen
Director of Client Services
Sofi Sommer
Project Coordinator
Stephanie Trame
Project Coordinator
Steve Laiewski
Senior Graphic Design Lead
Tia Ternberg
Media Buyer
Tim Collins
Business Services Manager
Tim Morrison
Executive Vice President
Tony Williams
Founder/Chief Disruptor
Tori Franklin
Social Media Lead
Vanessa Ferguson
HR Specialist
Zander Marenberg
Junior Front-End Developer