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A marketing firm is only as good as its people — and ours come in every day ready to crush it. We’re a team of experts that consistently tackles our clients’ most complex challenges — and isn’t that what it’s all about? Come meet the people that make it happen.


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Aimee Foster
Media Coordinator
Amber Paul
Senior Media Strategist
Andrea Hardyman
Media Billing Specialist
Anna Kate Twitty
Integrated Marketing Manager
Anna Nail
Media Coordinator
Anna Traver
Office Coordinator
Ashley Kendall
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Austin McQuaid
Media Specialist
Bo Rogers
Senior Vice President of Client Services
Brandon Candler
Creative Team Manager
Carly Jermon
Media Coordinator
Carly Saul
Media Supervisor
Cassie Thompson
Director of Organizational Development
Chad Boltz
Media Coordinator
Charmaine Fuller
Production Assistant
Claire Vivar Rogers
Media Coordinator
Curt Westlake
Creative Director
Darian Villalobos
Media Buyer
David McCall
Business Manager
Elaine Hartigan
Business Services Coordinator
Elizabeth Collins
Media Coordinator
Eric Potts
Web Team Lead
Ericka Jackson
Senior Media Buyer
Erin Pappas
Media Buyer
Gina O’Donnell
Social Media Supervisor
Haley Bennett
Integrated Marketing Coordinator
Heather Sexton
Media Coordinator
Heidi Pettit
Integrated Marketing Coordinator
Hilary Powell
Media Buyer
Jeanne Morrison
Senior Digital Strategist
Jessica Griffin
Accounting Coordinator
John Fuhler
Vice President of Business Services
Joshua Tankersley
Julie Nelson
Media Buyer
Justin Matthews
Media Specialist
Kari Lynch
Senior Director of Production and Operations
Kathryn Waycaster
Social Media Coordinator
Katie Beliles
Integrated Marketing Coordinator
Katie Disper
Integrated Marketing Manager
Katie Lasitter
Graphic Designer
Kendall Nicholson
Media Specialist
Landon Senn
Video Production Specialist
Laura Mann
Media Buyer
Leslie Westlake
Senior Copywriter
Lindsey Hulon
Creative Team Manager
Madi Kwiatkowski
Media Buyer
Madi Nalley
Graphic Designer
Maura Anthony
Senior Graphic Designer
Meghan Foreman Dimas
Analytics Manager
Micah Inafuku
Analytics Coordinator
Mike Williams
Media Auditor
Miranda White
Marketing Specialist
Nancy Thomas
Media Coordinator
Nicole McAlister
Social Media & PR Coordinator
Pamela Ortega
Digital Creative Specialist
Rachel Andrews
Media Coordinator
Rachel Belk
Graphic Designer
Ross McIlwain
Client Services Supervisor
Ryan King
Senior Production Coordinator
Sara Tompkins
Web Designer and Developer
Sedera Zbranak
Media Coordinator
Shannon Kohn
Social Media Strategist
Shannon Nissen
Marketing Supervisor
Steve Laiewski
Senior Graphic Designer
Taylor Boyd
Senior Graphic Designer
Ted Rooke
Senior Director of Media Strategy
Thomas Broadus
Director of Digital Strategy
Tim Collins
Production Manager
Tim Morrison
Executive Vice President of Operations
Tony Williams
Tori Gipe
Web Project Coordinator
Tori Sanders
Media Coordinator
Wil Martin
SEO Specialist