As more healthcare systems evolve away from traditional agency relationships to a formation of a team of specialized groups working together, we are often asked, “Why the change, and will it work for me?” The answer is actually pretty simple. It comes down to picking the best people to perform very specialized work.  As media and creative have become increasingly complex, you have to ask yourself, “Can a one-stop shop be great at all things?” Let’s draw an analogy right out of the healthcare field:  If you were in need of knee replacement, would you prefer to be treated by a general practitioner or an orthopedic surgeon?  They both understand the space, but certainly the orthopedist has more experience and greater skill when it comes to replacing a knee. When it comes to your creative and media agency, the same holds true. The foundation of traditional agencies is built from one of two tracks – creative and media. Those with a creative foundation have added media experts as they have developed their business, but remain a creative agency at heart. The other side of the equation is that those agencies that are media centric may not have their greatest strengths on the creative side. However, the media-centric agency continues to refine its media planning, invest in media people and technology and have the greatest experience on making your dollars work harder. Is one better than the other?  Hard to say, but two can be MUCH better than one.  Take advantage of the creative strengths of one agency, and use the media experts when it comes down to implementation. In all this, remember to play nice. We’ve all run across agencies that are very possessive of their clients, but by setting ground rules upfront, both teams can work well together.  In all of our multi-agency projects, the client makes sure that all parties understand what their individual responsibilities are.  There is plenty of work, so get along with the others.  Our experience has demonstrated that your agencies will gain additional referrals; they’ll be happy, and you will be getting the best service that your agencies offer.