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What Interning at a Digital Marketing Agency is Really Like

What is it Like Interning for Infinity Marketing? 

As a rising junior studying business marketing, I have always valued the importance of education. However, I also believe the classroom can only teach you so much, and there comes a time when hands-on experience becomes necessary. With technology growing and evolving every day, I realized the importance of gaining both knowledge and experience within the digital side of business. At the beginning of May, I joined Infinity Marketing as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Intern, with hopes of becoming more digitally versed within the marketing realm. With two months as an intern now under my belt, I can confidently say that I have accomplished my goal of becoming more experienced in digital marketing and SEO. Not only do I feel more acquainted with this side of marketing, but I was also given the chance to learn about and gain exposure to all areas and positions within the agency.  

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Getting Into the Swing of Things

During my first two weeks at Infinity, my supervisor and SEO Lead, Laurel Smith, encouraged me to set up meetings with a team member from each department within the company. I had about five simple questions prepared for each meeting that allowed me to gain some insight into each department at the agency: web & SEO, content, creative, media, and analytics. The process helped me get to know the people I would work alongside over the summer and learn how their roles and departments support the initiatives of the company. Within the first couple of weeks, I also became Google Analytics certified and gained two certifications through a program used for SEO called Semrush. These certifications made me better equipped for the tasks that I would soon be taking on. 

Learning Opportunities

Navigating Semrush became essential when it came to running web health reports and keyword gap assessments for current and prospective new clients. These evaluations check a site’s overall health and functionality as well as identify valuable keyword opportunities to beat out competitors. I have learned how beneficial these assessments are for companies. Blog optimizations also became fundamental tasks throughout my internship, which I learned are extremely helpful in drawing more traffic to a website. Shadowing client meetings has also been great exposure to see what clients expect, how the marketing agency interacts with clients, and simply how a typical meeting is set up.

Another great opportunity during my digital marketing internship in Greenville was getting to join the creative and video production team for half a day to assist with an on-site project for a client. Working alongside members of the team, I assisted in coordinating company photography and the filming of a commercial for Countybank, a regional bank also based in the Upstate. It was really fascinating to get the chance to see all the work that goes behind the scenes in planning and filming a commercial!

Integrated Marketing Agency | Greenville, SC | Infinity Marketing

Hands-On Experience

Every semester, the current group of interns is assigned to complete a project for a current client or local business. This summer, our client is Eldeco an electrical contractor company whose footprint spans the southeastern U.S. — and our goal is to find the company a more efficient way to recruit employees, which includes creating a recruitment video. At the beginning of July, the five other interns and I began weekly meetings with Infinity’s director of digital content and strategy, Thomas Broadus, who has been assisting us in this project. I offered to take on the Integrated Marketing Coordinator role in addition to SEO responsibilities for the task. The project is still underway as I’m writing this post, but so far, I have been scheduling meetings, strategizing, collaborating with my fellow marketing interns, and planning to implement the search optimization tactics I’ve learned during my SEO internship into this project. I am eager to continue to see how each intern’s individual skill set is used to complete this project.  

The Overall Experience

Overall, my experience so far as an intern with Infinity Marketing has truly exceeded my expectations. My supervisors and coworkers have been encouraging, helpful, and patient with me while I have figured out how to work within an agency, and it has made this experience even more enjoyable. I have been able to gain real-life experience in how to communicate with coworkers and clients for projects and tasks within a fast-paced environment. I have also learned foundational marketing knowledge in addition to many practical skills that I will be able to take with me for the remainder of my college education and beyond. Without this opportunity, I would never have known my preference for working with a marketing agency, and I now eagerly await to see what else I will learn and what valuable experience I’ll gain during my last month as an Infinity Marketing intern. 


This blog was written in July 2022 by Sydney Morgan, SEO Intern and undergraduate student currently enrolled at Anderson University.

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