Katie Disper speaks to her dual role as an Integrated Marketing Manager at Infinity and an aspiring B2B construction industry expert. She is the strategic brand leader for Tindall Corporation and works on-site as an embedded agency employee two days a week. I had the opportunity to learn about the valuable insights she has gained throughout her marketing career working with clients in multiple industries.


Q: In all your current and past account management or marketing manager roles, what industries have you had to be familiar with outside of marketing?


A: Throughout my career, I’ve managed portfolios for clients in healthcare, higher education, professional sports, travel and tourism and quick service restaurant industries. I’m currently overseeing marketing efforts for Tindall Corporation, a multi-million-dollar manufacturer of precast concrete systems. As an account manager, you are more likely to be successful if you are knowledgeable about your clients’ business. This allows you to identify potential opportunities and make recommendations that lead to results.


Q: As a marketing professional, how do you become an industry expert?


A: As a marketer, you can never truly call yourself an industry expert. It is possible to gain experience and become a trusted advisor by challenging yourself to proactively learn about your clients’ business, so you can better understand their needs. It can be as simple as subscribing to industry publications. For example, I receive daily newsletters from Engineering News-Record, PCI and Construction Specifier. You should also familiarize yourself with competitors and any policy issues that might impact their business. This will enable you to provide support and strategic direction.


Q: What is most important thing to remember when working with different industries?


A: Always be curious and constantly seek information. The easiest way to learn is listen to your client and ask questions. Don’t feel obligated to have all the answers.


Q: What is a challenge that marketing managers commonly face?


A: The biggest challenge is only having eight hours in a work day. Luckily, I have an extremely talented team at Infinity to help me push projects across the finish line. Tindall is a fully integrated account, investing in creative services, media and social media. We have a significant marketing plan to execute and I couldn’t do it without my team.


Q: How has overseeing marketing efforts for clients in multiple industries shaped how you view the world?


A: After working with a client, you suddenly become hypersensitive to the most unexpected things relating to their business. While working with Dairy Queen, I was suddenly paying attention to every fast food advertisement. As Marketing Manager for Sporting Kansas City, I meticulously following Major League Soccer standings even though I never played the sport in my life. Now that I work alongside Tindall, I can walk into a parking structure and tell you if it’s precast concrete or cast-in-place. I have a newfound appreciation for how things are made and how different businesses function.


This blog was written by our Public Relations Intern, Emily Lady.