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Thank you to everyone who attended Let’s Talk SEO! We hope you enjoyed learning about all the tools you need to maximize your organic traffic, boosting your keyword results, and driving conversions. If you were unable to make the session, keep scrolling for access to the full video, the event presentations, and the Q&As.

The full webinar is available here on Vimeo:
Download the presentation here:
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Video Q&A – Asked and Answered

1. What is the most streamlined way to connect social media posts back to a business website?

2. Is it recommended to put content from your social channels on your website?

3. What type of content does a client like Window World write? Do real people actually read them or is it really just to benefit them in terms of SEO?

4. What’s the difference between regular content and “local” content?

5. How do you factor in smart speakers to SEO strategy?

6. Does having a blog on a separate domain help or harm? Do backlinks help?


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