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Thank you to everyone who attended Let’s Talk Recruitment! We hope you enjoyed diving into the tactics, techniques, and communication strategies that savvy marketers are using for better recruitment in 2021. If you were unable to make the session, keep scrolling for access to the full video, the event presentations, the Q&As, and more information about our speakers.

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Video Q&A – Asked and Answered

1. How can/should organizations use Glassdoor? What is the low-hanging fruit? Who in the organization usually owns or manages the Glassdoor account?

Cassie and Gina share their knowledge on how to maximize your Glassdoor account and the importance of sharing the management of this platform.

2. Why aren’t you talking about Clubhouse? That’s how I’m getting all my interviews and opportunities these days. Nobody looks at my LinkedIn or other social channels anymore.

Thomas discusses his experience with Clubhouse and recommendations for using this channel in recruitment.

3. Most of the job searches for these platforms are geared toward office, administrative, marketing, etc. How do we target skilled labor?

Gina and Carly talk about their experience recruiting for skilled labor positions and how they successfully targeted the right audience.

4. What trends are you seeing in employees engaging with the employer outside of the “office” or formal settings? What does an employee expect to see from employers from social media?

Gina gives some tips on what type of content to share and what potential employees look for when browsing a company’s social media channels.

5. What kind of budget do I need to plan for to run a successful recruitment media campaign?

Carly shares what you should expect to spend on a recruitment campaign, whether you’re advertising for a specific, localized position or a major entry-level job nationwide.


About the Presenters:

Cassie Thompson

cassie thompson headshot

Ask Cassie Thompson and she’ll say she has the best job at Infinity. If you’re a fan of recruitment, professional development, and other people-centric programs, you’ll likely agree. As our director of organizational development, as well as your host for Let’s Talk, Cassie knows a thing or two about the recruitment game. Over her 10-year career in human resources, Cassie has created customized interviews and assessment centers, flown around the country to recruit the best possible talent, and taken Infinity’s talent acquisition to the next level.

Carly Saul

carly saul headshot

Carly has made a name for herself as the go-to expert for health care recruitment at Infinity. As our media supervisor, she’s responsible for strategic planning and media buying across a wide range of clients, focusing predominantly on health care accounts. To help her clients find the right talent for their businesses, she leans into more than ten years of experience developing audience profiles for major brands. Every step of the way, Carly leverages digital efficiencies into the traditional media mix to find the right fit for the job.

Gina O’Donnell


In the last few years, recruiting across social media platforms has exploded — and Gina has been there for every twist and turn. As Infinity’s social media supervisor, she’s developed recruitment campaigns, engaged with countless potential employees across platforms, and so much more. Gina trains team members and clients on best practices, implements content, develops strategies, and constantly reviews metrics for ways to optimize and improve performance.

Thomas Broadus


Thomas is the kind of person that solves five problems before he even gets in the building. As the director of digital strategy, he leads Infinity’s digital team, developing bold strategies and campaigns that help clients reach their full digital marketing potential through keyword search, display advertising, paid search, and email marketing.

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