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Thank you to everyone who attended our first Let’s Talk event of 2021! We hope that you found the session informative and gained valuable insight on our influencer marketing programs. If you were unable to make the session, keep scrolling for access to the full video, the event presentations, the Q&As, and more information about our speakers.

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Q&A – Asked and Answered

1. From your perspective, are there any consumer-facing industries where the returns on influencer marketing investment may not be worth it?

That’s a great question! Brands/companies might have trouble contracting influencers for products/services that are publicly polarizing. Also, consider whether the intended audience “plays” in the specific social channel you’re wanting to utilize (ex: trying to reach older consumers via Snapchat or TikTok would probably not result in great ROI for your campaign).

2. Where does a platform like LinkedIn come into the mix?

Great question! LinkedIn is a very viable channel for the right type B2B influencer. It’s important to think about the nuances of the channel..so thinking about products and services that would benefit a more “business-focused” platform. Ex: make-up, music, or food might not be the best fit, but financial services, marketing services, or tech products might. :-)

3. How common are B2B influencers? Have you seen this done effectively?

B2B influencers can be very successful on LinkedIn and on platforms where hashtags can be utilized to find industry-specific conversations. We would look for industry experts around specific hashtags on a specific social channel and reach out to them directly, or even comb their comments/replies to look for folks who are engaging at a high/competent level who might be up-and-coming/approachable, but not the larger industry expert themselves.

4. Social Media question: how do “tags” help an influencer? or brand?

Tags can help the influencer by providing extra credibility in the eyes of their social audience (organic or boosted). Even if the Branded Content Tool is used, tagging the client can also help create more awareness around the campaign content. For the client, the tag provides another way for the social audience to find/locate more information by visiting the client social profile within that specific channel.

5. Since the Influencer realm is growing exponentially, how do you negate potential negative engagement from customers that feel like “Company X” is just paying an influencer to talk about a product (whether they are familiar with it or not)? I know influencers build their following based on trust, but I’ve seen some negativity around influencer marketing and who to believe.

Fortunately, we haven’t experienced this with any of our influencers, but we know this type of engagement exists. We build our influencer contracts to include a highly detailed “what if” protocol in the event any negative engagement occurs.


Video Q&A

2. Do podcast programs fall into the On-Air category?

Kendall answers this one about how podcasts are similar to on air programs for influencer marketing.

2. As music/podcast streaming services increase in popularity, have you seen that impact on-air influencing?

Kendall share’s his knowledge about working with on air influencers in the age of podcasts and satellite radio.

3. What do we ask the influencer for when requesting what their demographics are for their page. What can we ask for to make sure their demographics line up with ours?

Shannon and Thomas share tips on how to make sure an influencer matches up with the right demo for your brand.

4. What are some strategies in partnering with influencers when working with a limited marketing budget? For example, a start-up marketing company that is still in the process of onboarding new clients.

Shannon talks about finding the right influencer for your budget and how to be creative with compensation.

5. Can you speak about some differences that might exist when engaging influencers for a non-profit?

Thomas and Shannon share tips on finding influencers within nonprofit organizations.

6. How do you communicate with influencers – ie if there is someone on IG do you just send them a message and say “would you be interested in using our product in exchange for talking about it?”

Shannon shares her best technique for reaching out to an influencer for you brand on a first contact.

7. Can you segment and find relevant micro influencers by a specific audience or target group, like C-level executives, midsize business owners, etc,

Thomas shares how to find the right networking groups to find an influencer for your brand.

About the Presenters:

Shannon Kohn


With more than 20 years of B2C and B2B marketing experience under her belt, Shannon has become Infinity’s go-to expert for creating and executing successful influencer and brand ambassador campaigns. As our social media strategist, Shannon has developed a huge variety of social campaigns for clients in industries including healthcare, education, travel and tourism, retail, and manufacturing. Now, she’s ready to share what she’s learned.

Kendall Nicholson


How many influencers is too many? If you ask Kendall, the answer is, “There’s no such thing.” As Infinity’s senior media specialist, Kendall supervises our DJ Influencer Program, coordinating more than 400 on-air personalities. Over the last three years, Kendall’s process enhancements have helped drive social engagement and impressions, strengthened our client’s brand guidelines, and boosted the organic nature of our DJs’ live reads. Few people know more about the power of DJ influencers than Kendall!

Thomas Broadus


Thomas is the kind of person that solves five problems before he even gets in the building. As the director of digital strategy, he leads Infinity’s digital team, developing bold strategies and campaigns that help clients reach their full digital marketing potential through keyword search, display advertising, paid search, and email marketing. Oh, and he knows more than a thing or two about influencer marketing, too.

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