Infinity Welcomes Green Point Hemp as New Client

Infinity Marketing, a fully integrated marketing agency in the Upstate, is proud to add Green Point Hemp to its growing client roster. The agency has developed a new website for one of the most advanced companies in the hemp sector.

“We wanted to find an agency that could design a new corporate website in a way that best showcased the diversity of our hemp research, biomass products and services,” said Robin Parton Pate, Chief Marketing Officer for Green Point Hemp. “We are thrilled to have partnered with Infinity and feel that their team of experts has created a strong data-driven, customer-centric, and adaptable website.

“We are excited to partner with Green Point Hemp to support them as they continue to lead the industry in their rapidly growing market,” said Bo Rogers, Senior Vice President of Client Services. “We have appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with one of the foremost leaders in the hemp space, and their talented team in the development of their website.”

Infinity has supported Green Point Hemp by designing and developing their new website and migrating relevant content from its former Green Point Research website; ensuring the new website is optimized and professional. Through this partnership, the agency has aided in promoting a wide variety of hemp products with a streamlined design to showcase everything from the benefits of its wellness products to the research and technology that goes into creating them.


About Infinity Marketing

Founded in 1993 and located in Greenville, S.C., Infinity Marketing is an integrated marketing agency. The firm offers a wide range of services including content strategy, digital, social, and traditional media, analytics, influencer programs, creative and branding, SEM, SEO, and web development. For more information on Infinity Marketing, please visit our LinkedIn page or follow us on Twitter @InfinityMktSC.


About Green Point Hemp

Located in Jasper, Florida, Green Point is a leader in the cannabis industry. The vertically integrated company is one of the nation’s leading providers of bulk cannabinoids and is responsible for harvesting Florida’s largest hemp harvest to date. Its two consumer-facing cannabinoid brands, Satividol and GramCo, offer some of the most sought-after hemp and cannabis products on the market.

Green Point Hemp was vital in legalizing hemp production in Florida and is one of the most established cannabis companies in the Southeast. Embracing agricultural technology, the company focuses on innovation to provide cost-effective cannabis production at scale.

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