The 2017-18 NFL season marked the 5th year in a row that Infinity Marketing has had a fantasy football league.  Fantasy football has always been a great way for team members to connect with a common interest while providing great watercooler fodder (or smack-talk depending on who you’re talking to). This year the league had the most members in its history, 14, with all different levels of experience playing fantasy football. In honor of the 5th anniversary of Infinity’s fantasy football league, we documented how the season progressed and got thoughts from league members at various points throughout the season.


Like most leagues, Infinity’s fantasy football season kicked off with a draft about a week before the season started. The beginning of the season is always filled with optimism, but in a 14-team league that can change very quickly with one or two injuries (I found this out firsthand last year). Several league members shared their thoughts on their season-long outlook after week one.


Bryan H (Happy Golladays): “After mixed feelings about my draft, hurricane Irma removed my #1 receiver, Mike Evans. So, I wasn’t heading into the first week with a lot of optimism. Fortunately, I was able to eek out a win. Though postseason hopes are still alive, I need to make a great waiver wire pickup or trade to really strengthen my team. My team’s floor seems decent, but its ceiling is lacking.”


Ericka J (Team Jackson): “Still haven’t looked at my team, no idea who’s on my roster. Go Football!”


Michelle S (Team Stikeleather): “After winning the league in my rookie season (yes it was five years ago, and yes I’m still reliving the glory days), I have basically flamed out immediately every year. I had high hopes to start this year off well when my Thursday night running back tripled his projected points. Then I played the wrong defense, my QB1 was playing injured and my first-pick wide receiver achieved a total of .9 points…is it too late to back out?”


Me (Can’t Be Worse Than Last Year): “Last season my team was crushed by injuries and overall poor performance culminating a last-place finish, so that last thing I wanted to do was start the 2017 season with a loss in week 1 to Bo and Danielle.   Hoping to avoid the injury bug that plagued my team last year, I drafted lots of WRs and RBs early to create depth but ended up with Carson Wentz at QB and Austin Hooper at TE. Luckily they both did well in week 1 leading to a big W, but I have to hope they continue to perform if I don’t want another season to blow up in my face.”


Taylor B (Team Boyd): “Check back in with me later this season. Still not really sure what any of this means or how I ended up with two defenses. All I know is I got DeShaun Watson. Go Tigers.”


Sebastian H (Team Hubard): “Having a very successful draft, I went into week 1 with eyes of optimism. However, those dreams of a perfect season were quickly crushed by Favre Dollar Footlong. Even with 133 points, my team just wasn’t prepared for Kareem Hunt to score 43 points in his debut game. Part of me thinks the man fumbled his opening carry just to get my hopes up. He along with Favre Dollar Footlong are definitely competition worth watching out for.”


Meghan F (Favre Dollar Footlong): “Considering I drafted while packing a moving truck, I was pleased with a week 1 win for the season. Kareem Hunt came out of nowhere and, after one fumble, had the game of his life for 43.1 points! Rodgers didn’t have his strongest performance ever at QB against the Seahawks, but since the Packers are near and dear to my heart, I am optimistic for the remainder of the season. Hopefully, my random team can continue getting W’s!”


After week 8 the league was an extremely close race. Bryan and Tom led their respective divisions at 6-2, but 5 other teams were hot on their trail at 5-3. Here are the standings after week 8:



At this point in the season, there was not quite the same level of optimism as there was after week 1. Here are some thoughts from various league members:


Bo R (Mickey Dropping Dimes): “Young talent hasn’t matured as we would have liked. No catastrophic injuries yet, knock on wood. Have made a few waiver wire pickups that I’m proud of (Alex Collins – Bal and Adrian Peterson – post-trade to the Cardinals). Our star player has been our kicker, if that’s telling you anything. But we are still in the thick of it at 5-3. Just want to get into the playoffs!”


Katie T (Yeah That Kansas City): “I’m so busy. My team is terrible. That is all. And go Chiefs.”


Meghan F (Favre Dollar Footlong): “I don’t always have high scoring players, but when I do, they’re on my bench. Or suffer season-ending injuries. The remaining players on my team have apparently forgotten how to play football. Having my starting QB on injured reserve isn’t overwhelmingly helpful, especially when he’s also the starting QB of my real-life favorite team (#GOPACKGO). At this point, I’m just thankful I am doing better in other leagues or my ego would be taking a huge hit.”


Ericka J (Team Jackson): “I still haven’t yet looked at my team. And I know Eric is doing a poor job managing it so he’s about to be fired.”


Me (Can’t Be Worse Than Last Year): “My team is living up to its name this season – Can’t Be Worse Than Last Year. I started the season 2-3 but have pulled off 3 straight wins to keep pace with the rest of the league, none closer than the 3 point victory this past week over Worldwide Bullet Club. With 5 weeks left in the regular season, it’s still anyone’s game.”


Taylor B (Team Boyd): “I’m more of a visual gal myself. Comment attached. I’d like this to be time-stamped at 5:24 pm on Thursday, November 2.”


The regular season for the Infinity Marketing fantasy football league ended like most leagues after week 13. Six of the fourteen teams made the playoffs this year, the top team in each division made the playoffs (and received a first-round bye) and then 4 wild-card spots went to the teams with the best records regardless of division. After 13 weeks, here is how it looked.



The playoffs started in week 14 with Happy Golladays taking the top overall seed followed by Team Hubard, Team Stikeleather, Team Boyd, Can’t Be Worse Than Last Year, and I’m David Pumpkins. Here is how the playoffs unfolded.



In the end, Happy Golladays took home the Infinity Fantasy Football Championship for 2017 followed by Team Hubard and I’m David Pumpkins.  Here are the final standings.



As with many things in life, fantasy football is a fickle mistress capable of producing epic wins and crushing defeats. In the end, though, all that matters is everyone who played had a good time and it helped build some team camaraderie.