How to Monitor and Respond on Social Media

Creating and posting unique and engaging content is just one of the many pieces of social media management. One important service that happens behind the scenes is monitoring and responding. This involves checking in on your accounts for any mentions of your brand, comments, and direct messages, and then responding to each of these accordingly. Keep reading to learn the basics so you can effectively implement this into your social management plan.


1. Check your channels daily

Depending on the frequency of audience engagement, it’s recommended to check in on your social media accounts at least once per day. If your brand is receiving an influx of messages, it may be good to monitor morning, noon, and evening so the notifications don’t start to pile up. Monitoring daily allows you to stay on top of any pressing messages and respond quickly.


2. Set up alerts for new messages and notifications

If you prefer to respond to your audience in real-time, set up alerts. This can be an email or a push notification that is sent to your phone, so you’ll know in the moment when someone has reached out to your brand.


3. Acknowledge every interaction

In the world of social media, you’re going to see positive and negative interactions on your channels, but it’s important to acknowledge every one of them. This can be as simple as liking someone’s comment, so the audience sees that you’re engaged. Responding to negative reviews and comments can be tricky, but your audience will appreciate seeing your brand make an effort to alleviate any issues rather than ignoring or deleting them.


4. Respond in a timely manner

No one wants to wait weeks — or even days for a response from a company if they’ve reached out for support. Always aim to respond within 24 hours of each inquiry. The quicker you can provide an answer to a customer’s question, the happier they’ll be (and more likely to return for more business).


5. Utilize audience engagement for future content

You just received a 5-star review on Facebook — congratulations! Now is your chance to take that review one step further and use your customer’s words to develop a new piece of content to share across your channels. This provides more visibility of positive brand experiences to other potential customers and builds credibility.


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