There’s nothing worse than scrolling through Instagram for your fix of well-dressed people and beautiful places than a poorly-lit, unappetizing food photo in your feed.  This scenario gets even more tragic if you’ve been to the restaurant being featured and know that the shot is doing a disservice to an amazing meal.


If you want to join me in celebrating all of the amazing food and drinks Greenville has to offer this summer, just follow some simple steps in your Instagram routine:




  • Head to a place with a sweet outdoor set up: Greenville is lucky to have amazing year-round weather and restaurants that embrace it for al fresco dining. Food looks so much better when it’s photographed in a natural lighting, so snag a table outside. No need for awkward sidewalk plate photos here!

Brunch from Infinity Marketing on Vimeo.


  • Make sure your meal is plated nicely. Yes, I’m giving you permission to play with your food! If your plate is not aesthetically pleasing—change it! We eat with our eyes too.  Cut your burger in half and stack it, hold up your bacon egg and cheese, take that single bite out of your doughnut or drizzle some sauce around your plate. (Side note: if your friends think this is weird, or are embarrassed by your antics, they may not be your friends.)




  • If you want to take the easy route, just head to one of the many places where the food does all the talking. Sidewall, Jianna, Southern Pressed Juicery, The Donut Experiment, The Anchorage — I could go on, these places are begging to be insta-famous.  Bonus points if you’re featuring brunch, oysters or other trendy superfoods.



Up on the Roof

  • Start out simple: Instagram your drinks. Fruity, summer drinks are the best and most colorful way to inspire your followers to enjoy the best time of the year. Blood orange margaritas, fresh mint mojitos — even local brews in cool, branded pints or an artful latte! Add points if you’re at a rooftop bar; deduct points if you have chipped nail polish.



Automatic Taco


Want to improve your feed, but hate letting your food get cold while taking millions of photos? No worries, let your eyes do the feasting as you follow the best local foodies in Greenville: @theupstatefoodie, @southcarolinafoodie, @the_hungry_tiger, @madi_grams, @greenville360 and of course @eurphoriagreenville.