How to Get Concrete Results with Direct Marketing

Gaining traction in a new market can be difficult for any brand. That was the challenge in Texas for our client, Tindall Corporation. The newest of Tindall’s five divisions, this precast concrete manufacturer knew limitless opportunities and new partnerships awaited them in this region.

Background on Tindall

Tindall’s innovative engineering solutions have earned national recognition in the world of precast. Most recently, they were awarded the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Design Award for The Park at South Market in New Orleans, Louisiana, as well as the Virginia American Concrete Institute ACI Award for Stone Brewery outside of Richmond, Virginia.

Step One: Create a Direct Marketing Plan

Tindall needed assistance establishing their name in the Texas market while educating regional industry leaders on their precast expertise. That’s where Infinity came in. Aiming to generate brand awareness, the Infinity team created a multi-tier direct mail campaign targeting previously unattainable clients.

Phase One

First, prospects received a concrete lamp branded with the Tindall logo.

You can see the finished product in Lighting the Way to the Future from Tindall Corporation on Vimeo.

Phase Two

A week later, the same recipients were mailed a video brochure that showcased the full capabilities of Tindall’s Texas Division. Armed with a custom presentation, the Texas team launched a state-wide sales outreach effort.


Staying top of mind is key when converting a prospect to a client. This campaign helped start conversations that might not have happened otherwise, setting Tindall up for a future of success in the Texas market. It also helped establish a foundation for success in future markets as the company grows


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