How ChannelMix Can Improve Your Data Management

One of the biggest challenges that any organization faces is determining the best way to handle data aggregation and management as it relates to analytics and reporting. The first step that many organizations take is to seek out platforms and tools that they can leverage to increase automation efficiencies and minimize the amount of manual time spent on data.

A Little Background

For the past few years, Infinity Marketing has been leveraging Tableau, a dynamic and interactive reporting, business intelligence, and data visualization resource that allows us to create powerful visuals of media metrics and client-provided data. This has helped us to organize our data in a meaningful way and provide our clients with presentation-ready information with 24/7 access.

Our Challenge

Recently, we noticed that a lot of manual effort was still being exhausted across various reporting elements, both internally and for our clients. In order to increase reporting efficiencies for Infinity and our clients across all platforms, maximize value and visibility, and provide more actionable insights, we decided to look further into a specific solution for data aggregation. After searching, we found ChannelMix, a powerful data aggregation platform that automates data integration from all media channels into a single source.


Infinity partnered with ChannelMix at the beginning of 2018 with the goals to automate comprehensive data aggregation; improve efficiencies across analytics and reporting; and to be able to work smarter to provide actionable insights at a granular level across all traditional and digital tactics. With the power to ingest and combine hundreds of data sources through direct and custom connections, we can quickly and seamlessly transfer the blended data over into Tableau to provide holistic views for clients.

What kind of data can be aggregated?


  • Media spend and performance metrics
  • Brand awareness study results
  • Social sentiment and share of voice scores
  • Market analyses
  • Industry and competitive benchmarks
  • Google Analytics site usage and engagement metrics
  • Client-provided data

The Results

After eliminating the consistent manual efforts associated with analytics and reporting, we now have time that can be reallocated and better spent looking deeper into the data across all clients. This allows us to identify in-campaign optimizations; compare performance against historical and competitive trends; provide data-driven and actionable insights that will positively impact overall campaign effectiveness; and even have more meaningful, data-centric conversations with our clients across all industries.

Adding ChannelMix to our toolbox has also allowed us to create a robust, formalized process centered around analytics and reporting internally to support cross-departmental efforts. Ultimately, we were able to identify what our largest obstacle was and find the right solution for our agency and clients to make our data more valuable. Now, thanks to ChannelMix, data is an asset and not an obstacle.

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