Holiday Marketing – What We Can Learn from the History of Holiday Marketing

Over the last few blogs, we’ve examined the history of holiday marketing and taken a close look at some of the most iconic and memorable marketing campaigns ever. Most importantly, we’ve seen that successful marketing is about connectivity, emotion, and fun.

In other words, it’s all about understanding your customer! That’s a timeless lesson that is just as relevant today – and for marketing campaigns that take place outside the holiday season – as it was decades ago.

Modern customers want connection. With a more crowded market than ever before, brands have to distinguish themselves from their closest competitors in ways beyond raw economic or material value. In fact, many customers will stick with a brand through thick and thin (and even rising prices) if they feel an attachment to that brand.

Holiday marketing also shows us that experiential marketing is supremely important. Think of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It doesn’t sell anything, and attendees can’t buy any retail products directly from Macy’s. But the brand nevertheless offers a unique experience that has inspired people to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to attend that one parade (or establish a tradition of watching it every year from home). That’s a kind of experience – a kind of connection – that can’t be replaced with anything else.

If there’s any lesson to take from a look back at the history of holiday marketing, it’s this:

  • Understanding your core audience on an emotional and personal level is vital.
  • Providing a fun experience – no strings attached! – is often more valuable than offering a good deal or discount.
  • Long-term loyalty and customer retention come from the emotional bonds you forge with your audience.

From everyone at Infinity Marketing, thanks for joining us throughout this blog series! We wish you a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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