“The bell still rings for me, as it does for all those who truly believe.” For me, this wonderful line from one of my favorite Christmas stories, The Polar Express, captures the heart of the holiday season — belief. And let me tell you, I believe.


I believe that the holidays are magical. This time of year has always been about the joy I get from spending quality time with my supportive family, my closest friends, and all the wonderful people here at Infinity. I believe in the incredible group of hard workers, brilliant minds, and caring hearts that we’ve developed over the last 24 years. And each year I grow more thankful for the energy, the knowledge, and the commitment of these individuals. This year is no exception.


Now, I always believed in my heart that I could make Infinity into something great. But this Christmas, we’ve come together to celebrate our 25-year anniversary. A quarter century. It’s a milestone that is truly humbling, and something that I could have never foreseen when I started this company as a radio rep all those years ago. I’m truly grateful for every project, every challenge, and every client that has helped us achieve this dream.


I believe that Infinity’s transformation from a media buying agency to a full-service integrated marketing company has been nothing short of amazing. We have been honored to receive over 65 awards over the last three years, and to have been named one of South Carolina’s best places to work.


But, I believe the awards are just a byproduct. Whether it’s community involvement, charity work, volunteering, or the daily work we produce in office, everyone here at Infinity gives their absolute best to everything they touch — because I believe that is, and has always been, who we are.


To our clients, partners, and friends in the business community, and on behalf of everyone here at Infinity — thank you for playing a part in helping us reach this 25-year anniversary, and thank you for believing in us, too. We wish each of you and your families a happy holidays, a very merry Christmas, and an incredible New Year.



Tony Williams


Infinity Marketing