2018 has brought with it what every New Year brings; a sudden influx of resolution and goal setting from everyone hoping to make the new year count. It is this time of year that we think about our personal goals more than ever, whether they are to travel more, get in shape, get a new hobby, or so on. For marketing, the goals that are set may be slightly different than “to use that treadmill you bought 2 years ago,” but they are just as important.


Why do we set goals?


Goals give us all a direction to push towards, and with that comes a motivation to get the job done. When speaking with potential clients it is important to understand their goals and see if they align with your capabilities.


Obtainable goals only!


No matter what kind of goals you are setting this year, one of the most important aspects of them is that they should be obtainable. Yes, we all like to shoot for the stars sometimes but when it comes to work you should know your limits. That being said, your goal should be big enough that you actually have to work for it, and if it is accomplished you should then feel a sense of pride in it. When setting your marketing goals for the year ask yourself; “Can I do this? Is the time frame/investment level practical? Do I have the proper tools for this?” If you answer “Yes!” then the goal is realistic enough that you can avoid the chance of feeling frustrated and discouraged in the end.


Ensure your goals are measurable.


When your marketing goals have been decided, you should record them to the best of your abilities and make sure they are able to be measured. Measurable goals are usually ones that involve quantifiable proof such as financials or impressions. Throughout the year you should be able to look back and track your progress, not only to be able to show clients what you’ve done but to provide extra motivation if the going is getting tough.


Make a game plan and go for it.


Prioritizing your goals is a large part of being able to accomplish everything you are setting out to do. When you have all your goals laid out, go through them again and decide what you are going to start with. This also helps if you are able to complete small goals among larger ones so that you can continue crossing things off of your list and delivering results. Also, make sure to continue making goals throughout the year; the more productive you are the better you will feel about your work come year end.


Goal setting is relevant in all aspects of life, so this year make sure to list out your goals and get ready to accomplish more than ever. Good luck!