It seems like every corner we turn, there’s another sign reminding us to “Support Local.” So, what does this mean exactly and why should you buy into it? Supporting local is so much more than just buying something made in the USA. Supporting local is about helping your community and investing in your friends and neighbors to grow your local economy. When you invest in your community, you feel like you are making a difference and contributing to your town. If the community is thriving, everyone ultimately benefits from that. More jobs are created, home values increase and the money stays local. So, as a cable company, how can you become something that your community wants to invest in? Cable providers are usually among the most resented companies because they offer services that are hard to live without, but are expensive. They often struggle to overcome their brand reputations to become pillars of the community. If you want your community to invest in you, you have to invest in it. You must get involved in local festivals, high school football games, sponsor local events, show that you have a passion and contribute to the community. Event marketing will go a long way in establishing a respectable reputation in your markets, but it’s not enough. You must become a trusted partner, and a great way to do this is investing in local personalities who are willing to endorse your product. Local radio personalities are trusted citizens of the community. Their listeners identify with them and feel like they can believe what these individuals say because they listen to them every day. For cable companies of all sizes, these endorsements provide a local plugin, making consumers feel like the company is a part of the community. Radio endorsements are such a strong media outlet because they are not scripted; they allow the DJs to truly talk about their experiences, how they use the products and how their new products compare to the competition. Endorsements are flexible, and allow you to promote your involvement in the community, whether it’s hosting a job fair at your office, sponsoring a high school sports show or coordinating a company-wide community service day. So, at the end of the day, if you’re not Joe’s Cable Company in the town square, that’s OK; you can still reach a local community through event marketing and endorsements from local radio personalities. What’s most important is that you show your customers how important their community is to you and how you are giving back to this community.