Finding the Right Mix of Digital and Traditional Media

From small business owners to big brand CEOs, when it comes to marketing and advertising, everyone is trying to answer the same questions about digital and traditional media — which tactic is going to help me reach my goals? Where should my ad dollars go? What’s the right mix of digital and traditional media? That’s why we’re here to help you find those answers.

Let’s Talk Digital Media

Digital media has fundamentally changed the way brands, businesses, and advertisers speak to consumers.

Here are just a few facts about our digital landscape:

  • Digital media advertising currently reaches 83 percent of the total U.S. population (329 million) with 274 million active Internet users.
  • Cable TV subscribers are only 57 percent of the total U.S. population (187 million).
  • There are more Internet users than the 269 million registered vehicles on American roads.

When it comes to digital marketing, a big draw for digital spend is that small budgets are no longer a barrier to entry for reaching your audience. Facebook and Google provide platforms for companies of any size to launch digital campaigns. With digital, you can also be specific in the audience you want to reach.

Digital Campaign Tactics to Consider:


Paid Search

By using Google Ads, you can create a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign to pay to have your website appear in search results.

Digital Display

Digital media display ads are commonly referred to as banner ads, and these are what appear on the websites you visit. Display ads can also be set with a retargeting campaign to allow brands to interact with users that have previously visited their website.

Paid Social

Paid social campaigns are the digital ad experiences you find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Paid social is a two-way communication tactic. That means it’s important to interact with your audience during the campaign. After all, it’s not called antisocial media.

Email Marketing

A successful email marketing campaign will identify relevant market segments and create visually compelling campaigns that speak to each user right in their inbox.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the technical web coding and content components of your website that let Google and other search engines know if your site is relevant to a user’s search. Essentially, SEO is the process of tailoring your website to what search engines are looking for, and that can have huge impacts on your traffic.

Let’s Talk Traditional Media

Where digital media is foundational, traditional media amplifies your campaigns, and it’s still a vital component in any integrated strategy. Traditional carries clout and comfort — and there’s a reason why it’s a more expensive medium to place.


TV commercials have broad reach and can be impactful. While expensive to place, running a commercial on TV can be memorable and drive users to your website to learn more about what peaked their interest.


Remember those 269 million registered vehicles in the U.S.? The vast majority are listening to and relying on local radio during their daily commutes and travels. Radio DJ influencers can have a tremendous impact on local radio by leveraging real-time live reads for word-of-mouth advertising.


Is print dead in the digital age? No. In fact, in smart campaigns, print is thriving. By mixing print and digital through QR codes, business cards that interact directly with phones, and other augmented reality strategies, savvy marketers are beginning to blur the lines between print and digital media tactics.

Direct Mail

Don’t overlook the joy that comes from receiving a quality piece of mail to a home or office. Blending direct mail into a creative campaign can lead to opening new doors and new business, just like it did for Tindall Corporation.



Billboard advertising, also referred to as Out of Home (OOH), provides a platform of constant exposure to daily commuters and travelers. High frequency and high visibility, when mixed with the right creative, can create memorable experiences for those commuters in the OOH space.

The Right Digital and Traditional Media Mix

A successful marketing campaign will leverage traditional and digital media together, focusing on converting the user, viewer, listener, and reader to an end-goal specific to the tactic. Infinity Marketing believes in weighing each tactic against a specific desired outcome, which means every client has a unique mix of media and budget. Ultimately, the media mix solution for your campaign is dependent on the goals and audience you’re trying to influence. Your audience isn’t consuming only digital or only tradition, it’s a healthy mix, and that’s what your campaign should reflect.


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