Winter weather is officially here, which means getting around is no longer a simple task. According to Safe Winter Roads, a yearly average of 900 people are killed and 76,000 are injured due to car accidents that occur in snowfall or sleet. It is vital for your safety and your fellow drivers to be prepared and informed on how to tackle these hazardous conditions.


  1. Check your car before braving the roads – Icy conditions and freezing temperatures take a toll on the overall maintenance of your vehicle. Checking on little things such as tire pressure as well as gas and oil levels can save you some trouble in the long run. Make sure to pack extras of these items and create a list prior to leaving of everything you could need.
  2. Plan ahead – This is especially helpful if you plan on driving a long distance this winter, but it couldn’t hurt to plan a trip to the store if the weather is truly severe. Stay up to date with the latest weather announcements and plan the route you want to take to your destination. Let family and friends know where you’re going and when you plan to arrive.
  3. Stay alert and avoid risky behaviors – Some of these tips may seem obvious, but it is vital to follow them with even more caution than normal in treacherous weather. Go slower than usual; accelerating and decelerating slowly will prevent you from losing control of your vehicle on icy surfaces. At all costs avoid talking or texting on your phone and do not attempt to drive if you have been drinking.
  4. If possible, just stay home – Depending on your situation, avoiding the roads may not be an option; that’s why we made this list! However, if staying put is an alternative for you, it is advised that you take it. Putting yourself and others in danger is not worth it if it can be avoided. Even if you feel confident in your driving skills, not everyone else does.


Whether you’re going near or far, we want you to arrive safely. Follow these tips and you’ll be prepared to face whatever this winter has in store!