Our DJ Endorsements team knows that radio listeners are loyal to their favorite local radio DJs. Whether it’s tuning in during a morning commute or winding down after a long day, people love listening to what their favorite radio personalities have to say. That’s why our DJ Endorsements program is an effective tool to reach prospective customers. Through our partnering with over 1,000 local DJs across the country, we know that loyal listeners learn about various products and services through the voices that they tune into every day! DJs truly are an extension of a company’s brand voice.


We surveyed Infinity team members to find out what they love about their favorite local DJs – our results are below. It was no surprise that 90 percent of our employees were able to recognize their favorite DJs’ voices. Listeners tend to be loyal to radio personalities if the DJs express similar viewpoints to their own. This is powerful! Loyal listeners trust what DJs share about their experiences with a business and may be motivated to use their products and services.


Listeners are interested in more than just their favorite DJs’ radio shows – they also follow them on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They learn more about their family life and community involvement.


Take a look at our listener loyalty findings below!