Direct Mail



Our targeted direct mail data solutions:
• Use advanced modeling to identify significant characteristics of existing customers and identify similar prospects.
• Engage new prospects and connect with existing customers.
• Track mail pieces as they enter the postal stream.
• Evaluate sales data to measure results. Our proven strategies increase response rates, uncover hidden markets and reduce distribution costs by focusing on high-value prospects. Plus, we can develop custom production options for your campaign budget and goals.

Email Marketing



Infinity Marketing can assist your company with email marketing by getting your message in front of the right people at the right time. Using your permission-based database of email addresses, we identify relevant market segments and create compelling campaigns that speak to each of those segments. We also craft each email with deliverability in mind and work to ensure your brand stands out in a cluttered inbox. Our email marketing service includes database management, email design, HTML coding, deliverability and reporting.

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