With over 116,000 members, TTCU is the largest state-chartered credit union in Oklahoma and wanted to encourage current members with home mortgages from other financial institutions to apply for a mortgage or refinance their existing mortgage with TTCU.

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Using a proprietary homeowners database to identify prime prospects, Infinity led the development of a targeted direct mail program with an “Invitation to Apply” message. Recommended target audience criteria included purchase date, loan-to-value ratio, and responsiveness model, in addition to client-supplied information about high-propensity households. The mail piece was designed as an 8.5 x 11” letter with a window envelope promoting a general “great rates for members” message. This format allowed TTCU to highlight several program benefits including being local, saving money, offering rewards dividends, etc.

By cross-selling another product to existing customers, TTCU was able to experience incremental growth at a lower acquisition cost.


The first mailing consisted of 3,920 pieces. In less than a month, the program generated a response rate of approximately 1%, and TTCU has booked 73% of the applications received to date.

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