Direct mail is a form of advertising that has been around for decades. It’s personable, measurable, and can be found in your mailbox. With the rise of instant, worldwide advertising on social media, how is direct mail holding its own? To show its importance, understanding the parts of direct mail is key. I talked to Tim Collins, Production Manager, to learn what this work is like in the traditional marketing world.




Q: What is the process you go through to create mail?


T: There are several key steps. We obtain the client objective, messaging, and offer, identify the audience, define the data, purchase lists if needed, concept, design, print, mail, test, and analyze.


Q: Which format of direct mail is most popular?


T: The most popular formats are postcards and standard letter in an envelope. These are able to obtain the lowest postage rates.


Q: How are you able to get creative when working with direct mail?


T: Getting creative can be accomplished in several ways: the mailer format, type of paper, and specialty finishes (soft touch coating) all allow a piece of mail to catch a recipient’s attention. For example, a magnet in a self mailer, a personalized birthday card, or use a lenticular design to make it appear 3D.


Q: How often do clients send mail?


T: Some clients have ongoing programs and mail weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, while others mail according to quarterly campaigns. Budget, strategy, and ROI impact mail frequency.


Q: How is direct mail staying relevant with the rise in digital marketing?


T: Mail is tactile—it’s something that a person can hold in their hands, put it somewhere in their house, and feel. Emails and social media don’t have that advantage. It is the “considerate” medium and preferred for personal or private content. It also is highly targeted, so we know we aren’t wasting content on an unintentional audience.



With 25 years of marketing insight and over a decade of direct mail experience, Infinity Marketing knows how to create an eye-catching pieces. We manage over 7 million pieces of mail, and oversee 500+ direct mail project annually. Our top-notch production team keeps mail in the loop of advertising, and in your mailbox.



This blog was written by our Social Media Intern, Madison Humphrey.