If you want to build your business, you have to focus on what’s most important: your customers. These people are the backbone of your company. Not only is it necessary to keep the people coming in, but it’s equally as important to keep them coming back. According to Brandongaille, over half of sales come from customers that already exist within the company.

Customer retention is fundamental for success, and these strategies will help you bust the burn and churn epidemic:

  • Customize Your Messages

Everyone loves to feel special, and giving your customers a note that is either handwritten or tailored specifically to them will make you stand out. Show your audience that you care enough to set aside time to send a thoughtful message, and they will remember it!


  • Communicate Frequently

Keep in contact with your customers to update them on what’s going on in the company as well as giving them an opportunity to respond. Communicating often will keep your name at the forefront of their minds. However, there is a fine line between periodic updates and never-ending messages that could potentially annoy current customers into unsubscribing. Make sure you find the sweet spot!


  • Surprise Your Customers

Who doesn’t love an unexpected sale or complimentary coupon? Customers appreciate a good surprise that will benefit them, and in the end, benefit the company as well. Going above and beyond your audience’s expectations will motivate them to act.


  • Turn Complaints Into Opportunities

In terms of customer service, complaints might not always be a bad thing. An unsatisfied customer is loaded with opportunity for the company to right their wrongs and make a better impression. They may not have gotten what they wanted originally, but how the company responds to them proves their true intent.


  • Conduct Surveys for the Future

Questionnaires and surveys are ways for customers to openly and honestly engage with the company. Providing an opportunity for feedback, suggestions, or even compliments gives customers a sense of purpose within the company while also giving you real-time recommendations.


With these strategies, you’ll keep your current customers happy and maybe even gain some new ones. Implement them into your marketing plan and watch the results flow!


This blog was written by Public Relations Assistant, Nicole McAlister.