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Cringiest Holiday Ads

Holiday Ads Are Cringey

While some holiday spots take us to a place of memories and emotion, some just don’t hit the mark.

Director of Digital Content and Strategy Thomas Broadus, Lead Copywriter Josh Tankersley, and Social Media Lead Nicole Day spent some time talking through the holiday ads that make them cringe.

First, Nicole shares a couple of campaigns from GMC and Old Navy that make her want to hit the mute button as soon as they come onscreen.

GMC TV Commercial, Holidays One for You, One for Me

Old Navy Holiday Jingle Jammies


Next, Josh talks about his take on some ads that made him say “Ew!” and “Eh.”

Plenty Holiday Xmess Moments

McDonald’s Inner Child


Finally, Thomas shares a couple of brand spots that will take you back in time to (not so great) holidays of the past.

Walmart Yodeling Cat 

Lucky Strike Holiday Ad

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