Giving back to our home community is a value that runs deep in Infinity’s team, and the relationships formed with the organizations our team serves have led to incredible opportunities and creative endeavors. Two of the outstanding non-profit organizations that our team loves to partner with are the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance (CSPA) and Generations Group. These service organizations represent vastly different and both vital causes, showing the breadth of mission work that is near and dear to Infinity team members’ hearts.
Cancer Survivors Park Alliance (CSPA), based in Greenville, defines their mission to unite all people fighting cancer and provide a place of peace for survivors. The alliance’s current goal – to complete a 6.8-acre park – is currently coming to fruition in downtown Greenville. The park is undergoing a transformation from an untended trail to a cultivated garden, full of flourishing plant life and calming waterways. This space is dedicated to providing a space for healing, learning, celebration, and hope for all touched by cancer. This area will serve as a home base for numerous community programs designed to help survivors, family members, and friends cope with cancer or any life-altering illness or loss.


From Left: Leslie Westlake, Curt Westlake, Brenda Morrison, Tim Morrison, and Jeanne Morrison at CSPA’s annual CHOP! Cancer event.

Infinity joined forces with CSPA in 2015, working alongside the staff and board of directors to provide marketing direction and by rolling up our sleeves to volunteer for the cause. Infinity manages CSPA’s social media channels, providing thought-provoking content to effectively share their mission story and engage the community. We’ve leveraged our collective creative skills to promote CSPA through video, print collateral, out-of-home, digital media, and print ads, and we’re proud to see three of our Infinity team members serve closely with the organization. Karen Brown, Director of Media Services, and Jeanne Morrison, Digital Coordinator are active members of the Communications Committee, and our EVP of Operations Tim Morrison serves on the committee as well as the Board of Directors.
Generations Group, located in Fountain Inn, is a unique and necessary service organization in the Upstate. A group home for adolescent and pre-adolescent boys, Generations provides a safe environment for children who have suffered abusive emotional trauma. The staff and volunteers at Generations have worked for over 20 years to create a warm, home-like setting where the boys can receive treatment and support to help overcome the cycle of abuse and begin a new life. To date, Generations Group has helped over 800 boys transform their lives. With a success rate of nearly 98 percent, Generations is changing and saving the lives of our community’s most troubled youth.

Tony Williams, Infinity’s President and CEO, giving his keynote address at the Generations Group Annual Luncheon.

Over a dozen Infinity team members attended the Generations Annual Luncheon this past May where our president and founder, Tony Williams, was the keynote speaker. He shared his personal testimony of growing up in a troubled home and his deep desire to give back to the community which gave him so much support in his youth. In his address, he announced the Anthony Williams Scholarship which goes to young men who complete treatment with Generations Group and desire to further their education at Greenville Technical College.
Max DiNatale, a Senior Media Buyer at Infinity, organizes various fundraising events and awareness campaigns to promote active involvement and relationship building among the residents of Generations and the Infinity team. These include donating Christmas gifts during the holidays, crafting house decorations, and “STAR Nights” to recognize and reward excellent residents. Infinity’s creative team was privileged to serve Generations through doing what we do best – crafting a new logo identity for the organization. Senior Graphic Designer, Michael Roberts, was a key creative mind in the process of developing the new award-winning Generations logo.
We are a team of passionate people, not just in marketing, but in our communities where we live and work. Greenville is near and dear to all of us, and we’re proud and honored to leverage our skills and talents to support the missions of these organizations and much more. The rewards we reap from these relationships fill our hearts and fuels our enthusiasm for marketing all of our great clients.